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Wordpress started out as alternative to the b2/cafelog, blogging software, since the latter was discontinued. It was on the 27th of May in 2003 that Matt Mullenweg announced the first version of WordPress. However, little did he know then that this would eventually turn out to be one of the most used platforms by bloggers and web developers alike. WordPress has created thousands of jobs and a new industry of designers, web developers, bloggers, writers, publishers and marketing specialists. It powers more than 22% of all the websites in the World Wide Web. Further, WordPress development dominates the list of the top 100 blogs across the globe.

So what makes WordPress such an amazing platform?

A premium design

A premium design
The WordPress system is absolutely open source and is thus supported by thousands of free to use template that can be integrated into a website in just a few clicks. The growing popularity of WordPress have even led to the platform offering some premium and one-time use templates that will differentiate your website from other businesses and these come at a price. Even so, the most expensive WordPress Template would cost around $50.

Both the free and paid templates provided by WordPress don’t just integrate an advanced design but also make a website more functional and easier to navigate. Businesses today are looking to enhance the ‘convenience’ factor for end users and it’s no better supported than using a WordPress template. When you go for a free template, you can also choose to customize with your own color schemes, font styles and sizes and change several other elements to bring out a unique design.

Simple and easy to use

Among the first reason that made WordPress the most loved content management systems (CMS) is its simplicity. Organization can look to save both money and time as the backend is supported by a very easy dashboard. Updating content, be it text or images is a matter of a few clicks. This simplicity has made WordPress the cheapest web development solutions in recent years.

Flexibility and scalability

It’s true that most startups use WordPress as a means of easy web platform creation. However, companies grow with time and so do its functionalities. WordPress provides a widget based dashboard structure that makes it virtually possible to customize each and every functionality. Today, not just startups but a dozen and more Fortune 500 companies are using WordPress and this includes brands like Samsung, Coca Cola, Ford and Nokia. The WordPress platform is focused on scalability and speed with several new plugins, updates and templates being introduced every often. They are designed to take us less resources (server speed, etc) and offer better scalability.

Improved marketing

Improved marketing
Several companies are switching from PSD to HTML and WordPress to strengthen their web marketing tools. WordPress CMS is well known as a high performing platform when talking about search optimization. It’s quite easy to rank higher in Google with the right type of content. Several free plugins for the same purpose add to the functionality. From Adwords to other forms of online advertising and sharing, WordPress is now being used by more than 74 million businesses looking to sell their products and services out there.

Some features that are worth talking about

Apart from making it easier to get a website on and running, WordPress CMS integrates scores of features to make the life of a web developer easy. These are some of the most unique tools to be attached to any CMS and they invariably make the product stand out.

  1. Responsive design: Google April 21st Mobilegeddon this year heightened the need for online business to turn to responsiveness. For many businesses, this required a complete overhaul of their backend codes and coming up with a layout that would be consistent with any device it is accessed from. While no business in the modern world can ignore the importance of mobile traffic, websites that were designed with WordPress just required updating a plugin and Viola! Without any change in the layout or worrying about the consistency of navigation, for WordPress developer, April 21st wasn’t a big deal.
  2. Social sharing: The power of smartphones can only be equaled by the popularity of social platform when it comes to digital marketing in the modern age. Social sharing is a must, not just to gain more traffic but also to enhance your websites SEO through organic shares. WordPress themes automatically provide a host of social sharing options that can be placed in the website according to your convenience. Just by activating the social share functions, you can immediate market your brand to several new customers and clients.
  3. Several unique page styles: With other CMS, templates carry just a single theme, but that doesn’t quite make a mark. For anyone building a website, be it a designer or a developer, websites pages need to be optimized for separate features including ecommerce layout, information layout, blog layouts, testimonial layouts, etc. Keeping the core style same, most WordPress templates integrate several page styles to create a unique impression upon a visitor.
  4. Auto upgrades and support: Publishers who have been able to constantly upgrade the support tend to get repeat business and attract more credibility. While this is a no-brainer of a feature, WordPress automatically facilitates upgrades related to design, site experience, security and other elements. Premium themes sold through WordPress offer unique support features.
  5. SEOSEO: Common to all websites, SEO is the feature that will help it rank in search engines and fight competition. WordPress plugins like ‘All in One SEO Pack’ enhances the readability of content, maintain site speed, create indexable content, integrate social sharing, and other SEO specific features like microformats and double core. Meta tagging and meta-keywords further ensure that the landing page is optimized for the search. This is further supported by tools like Google Adwords.

WordPress 3.3 has already reached 12 million downloads and counting. If you are looking to create a new website or restructure your existing one, there are good numbers of reasons that you should be investing in WordPress development.



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