Why you should never accept an Automated SEO report?


As a webmaster or site owner, you must have come across several flashy SEO reports with bar charts, pie charts, graphs, Ye/NO etc. Well it looks great to see the reports but

Analysis of Automated OnPage Report

Analysis of Automated OnPage Report

Do they have any substance?

Are they reporting the exact facts?

Do they tell you what is wrong and what is right?

How accurate is the report?

Why is the SEO analysis report given free in most cases?

Should I follow the recommendations of the report?

To answer these questions, I have made a thorough analysis of an automated OnPage SEO report here. Every aspect of the report is analyzed and cross checked with Google webmaster tools to find the exact facts. The findings are shocking, the automated report is not only misleading but also have provided vague and wrong statistics. A good number of SEO companies use such cheap strategies to lure the clients which is a real bad tactics.




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