Why to look beyond in-house professionals with web development


Every entrepreneur knows that the website would be the face of their business. Regardless of the industry and regardless of the location, websites play a crucial role in brand exposure, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. As customers are becoming more dependent on internet and smart devices, websites have become a part and parcel of the selling process. Further, it is the only way to reach out to the crowd and make a mark. Websites are the perfect platform to gain competitive advantage but the success and failure of the process depends upon the quality of the website. This is where we come to the part discussing about the best way to come up with a great website.

For many, it can be a tempting proposition to be able to manage websites and its online marketing in-house. For many businesses, keeping business processes in-house seems to be the cost-effective and easy thing to do. But, ultimately all understand the importance of outsourcing. Outsourcing in the long run cut down expenses (especially opposed to hiring online marketing firms), makes it easier to manage and update content and more importantly, finding new and creative ways to engage your customers. An interesting statistics suggests that the global growth in outsourcing is in fact 4 times the rate of the global GDP growth. The top benefits of outsourcing your web design and development include cost savings, time savings, allow you to concentrate on the core business processes and at the same time provide access to specific expertise.


For startups, it might feel to be an insecure practice to hand over / share the most crucial information to a web developer that you don’t know yet. But, confidentiality is what modern outsourcing firms are based upon. Over the past couple of years, outsourcing in IT (including web design and development) has acquired 28% of US market share and was valued at $1.2 trillion in 2013. Today, this value has crossed the $5 trillion mark! Thus, you can be perfectly sure that outsourcing won’t be harmful to the idea that you are working on.

The core advantages with outsourcing your web development and design

Especially when it comes to website design and development, outsourcing is accepted as the most convenient and economical thing to do. In fact, the very definition of outsourcing has changed over the past decade. During the early 2000s, outsourcing was believed to be a process of hiring third parties to get the website done. It was a cheaper way but did compromise on the quality and integrity of the design. Today, outsourcing is however about getting the best people on board to bring in creativity and uniqueness to a business’s online platform.


Reduced cost of development

Quality always comes with experience and thorough industry knowledge. However, not many startups can hire experience into their parole. Outsourcing on the other hands puts your digital marketing requirements into the hands of specialized, experienced and skilled professionals. At the same time, businesses need to pay a very reasonable amount to experience the latest technologies and web design/development processes.

Lower development and operational costs also add to the economies of operation. With outsourcing, businesses need not have a separate digital marketing infrastructure and keep a budget for its maintenance.

All of this combined results in a substantial savings.

Time saving

Firstly, outsourcing will save you a lot of time spent in long hiring processes. Web development and design is an integral part of starting and running a business, regardless of the industry. Consequently, you will need to find the best talents and a team of highly skilled and creative professionals for the job. This had been the reason that several leading businesses like Amazon, eBay and even Google outsource their work.

Reputed web development companies thoroughly understand your requirements and will be able to stand by a deadline, without compromising on the work quality.


Access to latest technologies

The digital marketing environment is continuously changing. To be successful, businesses need to quickly adapt to the latest market trends and this is possible only if professionals are through with the latest technologies and web development tools. Outsourcing offers the same at convenient costs.

Some five years ago, little did we know about the implications of a smart phone for a business. However, today, smartphones and apps are acting as the core of every business process. Outsourcing lets businesses conveniently integrate these elements and stay updated.

No long term liability

Every candidate that a business hires is supposed to be an asset to the company. However, in many cases, this asset can easily turn into a liability. Though everyone is replaceable, it costs extra to the business to go through the process of hiring, training and updating new candidates. Outsourcing on the other hand provides industry expertise from a third person who’s term end with the end of a project. It becomes the job of the agency to take care of your process and guarantee the quality expected. It’s just like washing up your hands after completing your dinner without worrying about the taste of the food!

Business expansion

There are several leading businesses that outsource their digital marketing projects to experience an extended and global reach. Experienced agencies help in understanding the market trends and creating a platform that is better accepted by the customers and clients. As such, web development and design can become a core competency of businesses.


Today, 70% of leading companies outsource one or more of what is considered their strategic functions. For many, outsourcing is just like buying commodities without any transaction costs and other restraints. Businesses will always keep on growing and adding on work processes to their functioning. Outsourcing ensures that the employees working on the core processes aren’t overloaded.

All said, it is however necessary to work with a reputed digital marketing agency and professionals who you can trust. Finding the right agency isn’t a hard job but a crucial one nevertheless.