Why shouldn’t SMBs (Small and Medium sized businesses) outsource to startup digital marketers


Startup digital marketers
Not many businesses today keep an in-house digital marketing team, especially SMBs (Small and Medium sized businesses). Outsourcing the responsibilities pour in a lot of advantages but that should not be the end of your concern. Digital marketing is the answer and platform to your entire set of marketing strategies and ensuring that you get the expected visibility. SMBs hire digital marketing firms to help them make a mark in the market and compete against the bigger and established competitors. However it is equally important to know who you are outsourcing to. Will they be able to give the expected leverage to your brand? Will they be compatible with your company/business values? Are they experienced enough to help you stand against competition? How knowledgeable are they about the industry you are in? The answers to these questions and many others will ensure the success of your investment and partnership.

Digital marketing is the in thing now and not too complicated either. The rise in demand has however led to several small digital companies venture into the digital marketing business. They represent brands that want to make it big in the online world. However, as opposed to experienced digital marketers, 71% digital marketing startup companies seem to lack planning and documented strategies. Neither do they have enough investment in paid media to guarantee and flexible channel of marketing to their clients. Of all the digital marketing companies, almost 37% do not come with any kind of background experience according to Profoundry.

Reasons that make experienced digital marketers a better choice

Lip service

The chances are quite high that a business ends up partnering up with a digital marketing agency that is just getting started. These agencies will offer to take up every responsibility in the digital marketing plan, from web design to social marketing, and even promising “instant results”. But the truth is that these agencies are capable of just ‘lip services’. Practically, upcoming digital agencies aren’t completely staffed. While you are promised the best level of expertise, you would be getting fresher graphic designers, social media marketers and content marketers working under someone who has spend some years in the industry.

On the other hand, an experienced digital marketing team will have several designers, developers, content writers, social marketers, SEO specialists, paid search advertisers, etc to take care of the huge workload. They are well equipped to pull together the cohesive digital marketing strategy you have collaboratively strategized.

Need for personalization

Any brand marketer and digital business understands the importance of personalization. It is a fool proof way to create unique products for every customer and in the process make them feel special. Digital marketing also follows the principles of personalization wherein advertising pitches are personalized for individual customers and built around their buying behavior, preferences, tastes, age, sex, etc. Personalization of digital marketing can bring about 95% increases in traffic and around 230% increase in revenues. According to a report by Econsultancy74% of marketers understand that personalization would add to the customer experience but sadly only 19% of these marketers invest in the tools towards it. One can already understand what these companies stand to lose. Marketing personalization requires specialized skill set and tools which would only be available and used by experienced digital marketers.

Cutting costs

Experienced or fully-serviced digital marketing agencies are equipped with alternate means and tools for every process. They adopt newer technologies that support processes like automation and in turn reduce the marketing costs to a great extent. However, startup companies will be limited by the technologies they use and will be unable to bring up a solution to limited marketing budgets.

Experience always counts. Having spent time in the industry, experienced digital marketers will always be able to add to your marketing strategies. Even if they can’t promise to deliver at low costs, they ensure the best lines of marketing for brands – a cornerstone to success.



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