Why Should you Create Infographics

Infographics are evolving into an in-separable part of content marketing. 90% of information that enters your brain is visual. Need more reasons to start creating your infographics? Here is another.


The interest over the term “infographics” has taken up during the beginning of 2010 and has increased enormously since then. People tend to spend lesser time on the internet, and it’s your responsibility to feed them content in just a glance. Here are a few reasons why you should use infographics in your content marketing strategy.

People ‘see’ than ‘read’

Human brain is designed so as to gather lot of information through visual perception than through reading. Brain retains what we see than what we read.

People are busy

People decide whether to leave or not a website in the first 2-4 seconds of seeing a page. In this fast moving world people take least interest in reading your long boring articles with lot of facts and numbers. They love to get as many information in a short span of time and as a result people scan the web pages. Make sure that your content is scanned.

People love numbers

Factual information when presented in the right way attracts a lot of attention. Make it easy for people to compare statistics. Infographics are the best way to present your facts and stats.

People are sociable

People love to share what they find interesting. Give them the chance. Infographics make social sharing easy. Unlike normal articles, these can be embedded and downloaded and remember that embedding gives added backlink value as well.

People make infographics go viral

Social media plays a vital role in bringing quality traffic to your site. Images are shared and liked 5 times more than text. Provided your infographics is informative and attractive, it’s sure to go viral.

People remember you

Infographics provide the exposure that your brand needs. Provide quality infographics and people will remember you.

People suffer information overload

Information present in the internet gets doubled every year! So, you need to be different and creative to reach out to people. Infographics are a great approach to provide people the required information.

How to Create Infographics

Start with a thorough research on the field for which you’re going to prepare an infographic. Collect as much stats as possible and prepare a mental picture of your infographic. And here comes the design phase. There are numerous online tools like piktochart, visual.ly, easel.ly, etc. that have easy drag and drop feature to create infographics.

The main disadvantages of these tools are that their functionality is limited and hence they limit your imagination. You’re forced to stick with the available templates which won’t help you in providing the information effectively. Thus having the help of an experienced infographic creation team will save a lot of time and help you get high quality infographics. Also marketing these infographics becomes a must to give the initial push it needs to become viral.

Spending a little time and money on creating an informative and attractive infographic is sure to provide you a good ROI.