Why do visitors abandon shopping carts and what it means for digital marketers


Visitors abandon shopping cartsShopping cart abandoning is a hard fact in the life of every online marketer. As per a report published by Bizrate, the percentage of customers who filled a cart but abandoned the purchase in the end is as huge as 18% in North America. For UK, this is 16% males and 26% females according to Royal Mail Group. Though shopping cart abandonment is a common thing among buyers of home and beauty products, almost all retailers face this disappointment. So, what triggers this behavior?
Frustrating as it may sound; shoppers aren’t simply convinced or encouraged enough to get to the end of the buying process. For 28% of consumers in the United States, the buy wasn’t completely necessary and 27% wanted to do more research before paying up. However, retailers and online digital marketers have several options to minimize this bounce rate / abandonment. Let’s look at the various reasons for the same and how digital marketers can save the day.

1. Cost of shipping add up to the discomfort

In several cases, the cost of shipping becomes equal to the base price of the product, especially with international shipping. This is among the most popular reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Obviously, this doubles the amount that the consumer would have expected to pay in the first place.
A good way to get rid of this situation and have less number of frustrated customers is to have your shipping costs displayed in the first phase of the buying process. No one likes a surprise, especially when it’s about the price he/she is expected to pay.

2. Confusing website navigation

Another reason for shopping cart abandonment is complicated website navigation. Well, here the website design is more of a culprit than the consumer. Several shoppers get the message “The connection has timed out” and this leaves them so frustrated that they wouldn’t come back ever again.
A bad website design is a death knell on your online retail strategy. Don’t expect the end users to be prompt. Give them comfortable time and space to browse and you will definitely witness an increase in conversion rate.

3. Excessive security checks

Today, when most customers would be browsing from their mobile devices and smart phones, there is little time to go through an elongated security check process. Sites that simply don’t allow a guest checkout have suffered the most from shopping cart abandonment. It is essential that you never force a registration upon the potential buyer. While it’s true that security checks ensure data protection, too much of it becomes annoying.
Security checks can be done without bothering the consumer too much. A well encrypted website is the first step. Add to it secured payment and checkout gateways and your customers will not have the notion that the so much is being checked in the background. In simple words, make security checks your headache and not the customer’s.

4. Items getting out of stock at checkout

There cannot be a bigger blunder in digital marketing than out of stock items. In several cases, by the time that the customer reaches the final payment page, the product is already out of stock. This will invariably make the visitor switch to another competing online seller and you add to your bad credibility.
Digital marketers always need to keep a tab upon the logistics. There could always be a situation when two consumers are placing the same order. This is when you need to stock up. Following the trend and the most ordered products will help you resolve this issue and win a conversion(s).

5. Limited option for payment

Another top reason for shopping cart abandonment is limited option when it comes to the payment gateway. While some customers would be looking to use their credit card for cashback offers (paid by the credit card company), they would be welcomed by a payment gateway that only allows an internet transaction or PayPal payment. Well, the cashback might have been the only reason that they wanted to shop online in the first place.
It is necessary for digital marketers to keep a wide range of options when it comes to payment.
Apart from these, merchants can always use tools like emails reminders and text notification to encourage the shopper to complete the buy later.



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