Why are businesses investing in PSD to HTML conversions?


WordPress has undeniably become the most popular content management systems (CMS) today. It started as a personal project but now has become a crucial part of the internet architecture by being the backbone of millions of websites. The platform is so big that WordPress is now responsible for 17 new posts at every turn of the second! The combined traffic from WordPress amounts to 14.7 billion in monthly page views. Put dramatically, the number of websites that are based upon WordPress today (72 million) is double Canada’s population!

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So what makes WordPress such an incredible platform? At the heart of WordPress is HTML coding. Though WordPress makes it easy even for a regular user to create an amazing website, programmers can make use of both the open source framework and the incredible templates that come with it. A decade ago, most websites were created upon PSD. But now that WordPress technology is here, businesses across industries and segments are investing in PSD to HTML conversion to benefit from the advantages that the platform provides.

Let’s look at the difference it makes:

Multiple browser support

There isn’t a browser made that doesn’t support HTML. PSD to HTML conversion thus makes web interfaces more user friendly and more readable. Websites are meant to rope in the maximum amount of traffic, which PSD based interfaces won’t provide. Whether you have users across Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari or even mobile browsers, HTML will ensure a smooth browsing session.

Better visibility

Visibility is something that every website owner would crave for. The more the visibility, the more is the potential to generate new customers and increase brand recognition and revenues. PSD to HTML conversion of websites will attract more search engine crawlers and thereby drive in traffic. It is important to understand that search engine crawlers don’t recognize PSD. The choice is quite obvious.


High quality of user experience

Businesses don’t just need to market their websites widely but also ensure that visitors have a fulfilling experience. HTML supports a variety of tools that integrate a professional experience while being able to translate the creativity of programmers into a unique interface. This is also the reason why websites built in HTML have a higher conversion rate than those built on PSD.

SEO flexibility

Search engine optimization is vital to the visibility of your website in browsers. The better the rank of your website, the more is the opportunity to market your product and services. This would in turn require that your website is easy to manipulate, is free from bugs, is constantly updated and integrates an organic but intensive keywording process. HTML is again the answer.

W3C Coding reliability

High quality conversions (PSD to HTML) allow smooth validation of the standards that have been set by the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium. HTML allows a highly controlled coding, designing, slicing, and developing and markup process supported by cascading sheets.

Effective coding

Converting websites from PSD to HTML ensures that the semantic coding process is flawless and seamless. Right from slicing images in PSD to converting them to be fit for website display, HTL makes the whole process easier.

Establishing an identity

Brands, howsoever small or big are constantly fighting for building their identity and reaching out to the maximum number of people. PSD to HTML conversions is an effective way to this end when it comes to web design and development. HTML websites can be easily tweaked to give it n unique look. Put simply, HTML would ensure that anyone visiting your website would be able to instantly connect with the personality of your brand. PSD to HTML conversion ensures that websites stand out from the crowd and become a core competency of businesses.


PSD to HTML is certainly a time consuming and complicated process and this is the reason why businesses choose only the most reputed outsourcing agencies to do their job. Inappropriate conversions might lead to more harm than good.

PSD to HTML conversions have ruled the web designing industry for many years now. For businesses looking to turn their dream online venture into profitable reality, PSD to HTML conversions provide a semantic, clean and hand-coded design that doesn’t get lost in the crowd. The implications of PSD to HTML conversions have even been enhanced by the era of responsive web designing. PSD doesn’t support automatic layout conversions according to the device the website it is accessed from. However, it is HTML that can do the magic. While consumers and clients are turning more to mobile devices, RWD and HTML is the exact solution.

The relation between WordPress and HTML

Beck to where we started, we can already understand that HTML has become a very part of our living. Every day, millions of websites are browsed and HTML ensures that end users have a convenient experience. Right from ecommerce to web designing, HTML is at the core of the internet era and WordPress makes itself a big part of the revolution.

Converting from a highly graphic PSD website to a simpler and more logical WordPress website proves beneficial at any given point in time. Reliability and consistency are the two things that cannot be sacrificed for anything when it comes to web designing. WordPress, for the same reasons is turning into a hot choice because its advantages come in-built. It is a hassle free platform that ensures that your website would be up and running in no time. Further, you have the advantage of several powerful templates and plugins for easy website management. Faster delivery of results will also meant that both backend management and end users lose less time in understanding the interface and use it to their needs.


It’s no surprise that WordPress is currently being used by some of the most top companies, blogs, startups and individuals across 178 countries. WordPress also integrates a responsive plugins that instantly turns websites into RWD, confirming to the mobile revolution.



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