When your SEO company talks to you, listen


When your SEO company talks to you, listen

seo companyIf you’ve got an online business but want to be seen and heard by those who matter, you know you have to be wary of those who speak so flatteringly that you can’t believe them. Something like all those SEO companies that promise you the moon, but offer you peanuts. So, if you’re looking for a professional SEO company to take care of your Internet marketing needs, take the advice listed below before letting such outfits know you’re in the market for advice and professional services.
• You need some more quality link content: If that’s what these SEO service agencies say to you, don’t disregard it because it is very important for quality link-building. This doesn’t mean you invest in expensive videos, instead write a series of informative and updated blogs on your niche area.
If you can’t handle this, farm out the job to professional writers. If you put something interesting on your site, webmasters of other sites will be happy to link to your site and this will give you many quality links which will help you in link-building.
You can use article spinning for auto-generated content: By spinning content, you write one article on a topic of your domain and run it through article spinning software which turns out as many articles as you want, each with subtle differences from the original. Then, submit each of these articles to different article directories.
However, spinning poses problems of its own: One, article directories are not as respected as before, since the updates of Google Panda. So, low quality content and links don’t add up at all. Second, if someone does read your “spun” article with your company name or your name on it, it lowers your professional reputation as these articles are hardly ever considered reader-friendly.
• You need to have your site on-site optimized: If you take the help of an SEO company and have your site optimized for keywords or keyword phrases related to your industry, it will help skyrocket your site rankings on major search engine results. Begin your link-building campaign with good site-optimization for really high rankings and ensure this includes title tags, Meta descriptions, images and header text with keyword optimization.
• You can get guaranteed results within a predetermined timeframe: If your SEO service agency says it can put your site on the No. 1 ranking on major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN, quite obviously they are going to spam you to get these short-term results. But if your SEO Company says it cannot guarantee you any results, it’s being honest with you. Obviously, your content isn’t good enough to attract quality links or you haven’t optimized your site.
• You must build links by using forum posting and blog commenting: These forms of link-building are popular, no doubt, but you need to know just how much it will do for your online reputation, particularly if you consider taking up offers of SEO services like bulk commenting.
You can get to know where your online marketing techniques are going with Google Analytics: True, Google Analytics is good to know just how successful your Internet marketing strategies are. Besides, it’s free to use and all it demands is that you check your traffic for a certain keyword when you began the SEO campaign and comparing it to what you’ve achieved today and see if your results are significant or not.



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