What is the strategy behind the Panda SEO Package?

What is the strategy behind the Panda SEO Package?

We had formulated many SEO packages and the panda package is one of the most successful SEO packages. Put together after extensive research during the period when Google rolled out the final panda algorithm update, the strategy worked like a charm. The effectiveness of the Panda SEO package made it evident that even Google bots loved the strategy. So here is how the magic works:

According to the experts and reliable sources, social signals have #2 importance when it comes to search engine ranking factors. So this package gets maximum links to your website from the social media sites. The effectiveness of the strategy comes mainly from the use of unique, fresh and informative content used. The content is published in social media sites which are untouched by Google panda.

The services included in this SEO package are:

150 Unique, weekly social bookmarking with unique titles and descriptions – Social bookmarks notify the search engine bots about anything interesting. Bots consider bookmarks valuable to determine if a link is getting popular. As we are doing the bookmarks every week gradually with unique titles and descriptions, these would look like being done by real surfers. This would attract google bots to index your website and offer a news value to it

Google Knol – Google’s own content website and there can’t be a better place to publish content and get links back. You can see https://blog.submitinme.com/content-marketing-with-google-knol-some-amazing-statistics/ for some statistics

40 Do-follow Social media profile links – Social media profiles links are again vital social signals to a website. They are do-follow and Google bots would certainly consider them as valuable social signals

Silver Linkwheel (12 social media sites with unique content) – The power of social signals again. Content is always king for SEO. However, after the panda update sending out unique articles would be the best. However, writing lengthy and unique articles for each article directory would be costly and would not get the best ROI. In the case of link wheels, it is a combination of keyword research, short unique content and published at the social media sites that are not attacked by Google panda update

Hub n Lens Setup (With Unique content for both hub and lens) – Again content is king. Squidoo and hubpages are the best spots to publish content on targeted high competitive keywords. Though “hub pages” was attacked by Google Panda, later the conflict was resolved by Google itself which gives great importance to hubpages in SEO. Squidoo on the other hand has double the effectiveness of publishing content in ezinearticles.com

A combination of unique content, best social media sites and organic promotion has once again proved that SEO packages at SubmitINme can produce real results