Cause: Selling text links to pass-on link juice.UNNATURAL LINKS
This manual action mainly focuses on the links that are created only with the purpose of passing-on the link juice rather than helping users. These links are called as unnatural links. If you get this message from Google’s WEB SPAM team, it’s because Google thinks that you are selling links to increase the traffic.

Recovery Actions:

  • Download “external links” from webmaster tools and conduct the domain audit.
  • If you want to retain the links from your advertisers or sponsors, we strongly suggest you the following:
    • One option is to add the “rel=nofollow” tag to those links in the source code. Adding “nofollow” tag ensures that the link does not pass-on any link juice.
    • Another option is to redirect through an intermediate URL that is blocked in that website’s robots.txt file.

By implementing either of those two options you can ensure that these links aren’t passing any link juice that violates Google’s guidelines. Otherwise you should remove unnatural links to revoke the manual penalty.

  • After completing the process that is explained above, you should send the Reconsideration Request to Google along with proof of the efforts that you take for removing the links.