Top 8 Can’t Miss Local Link Building Tricks for Small Business


Local link building tips

Backlinks, backlinks, and Backlinks. This is what Google highly considerswhen ranking any particular website. So, link building is inevitably important for the solid performance of any website online.

With Google’s latest updates, it is apparent that the search engine giant is focusing on user experience and providing users with relevant information. It is mandatory for businesses to focus on local SEO techniques as satisfying local users will supercharge the rankings and customer base in the search engines.

Be it local or global SEO, without a planned link building strategy,no business will succeed.Since Google measures the referral traffic pointing to a site to rank it, it’s necessary to plan for a perfect and innovative link building strategy to enhance the business prospects. This is where local link building fits in.

How to approach link building for local business success?

A simple way to approach it is by gaining links that none ofyour competitors have tried so far! Analyze their link patterns with some popular competitor analysis tools available online and build some links in the domains where they’re not into. But, remember, the domain should be relevant to your business.

To add more value, building links from local authority sites is recommended.

With analyzing the significance of local link building and ideas to approach it, let’s move on to the top 5 tricks for accomplishing a power-packed local building strategy that can bring in large volumes of traffic to your local business.

1. Outreach with local guest blogging

Guest blogging for local business might sound odd to many! But, it is an effective to reach out to local users. Posting top-notch and information-rich content on the niche-specific and superior local guest blog sites will improve the branding of your business exceptionally. According to reports, the success rate of local guest posts is high and applying it for your business is a wise move to increase exposure.

2. Fish for customers with comment and discussion on local blogs

Research and discover the local blogs that relates to your business or service to comment on their posts. Discussions on such blogging sites and comments posted will improve your visibility and customers will engage with your business sooner or later.

3. Increase traffic byengaging your business with third party review sites

Third party review sites are popular choices for many as they have access to their own community. Getting your business listed on these sites will increase the traffic of your business massively as the community people there will write reviews on your business or service.

4. Offer testimonials to local companies (with a link back to site)

Select your favorite list of local business and offer them with flashy reviews and convince them with a condition to exchange a link back to your business site. If it is a popular local business site offering credible products, then you can expect massive volume of traffic to your site constantly.

5. Sponsor a local event to get acquainted with local customers

A simple and effective way to advertise or brand your brand new business is by sponsoring a local event. This is a great idea as you can easily converse with different kinds of people and talking about your services and products will improve your branding and sales remarkably. Hosting an event is recommended as well.

6. Participate in group associations to penetrate local market

Participating in government sponsored gatherings and group associations will gain wonderful exposure as it provides you a chance to meet local businesses from diverse sectors and can even help end up with signing a deal with one or two as well.

7. Offer scholarships for student clubs and universities

An effective way to gain high-quality backlinks!Research and find the local universities or student clubs and offer scholarships to them. This could add more value to your business and will improve your branding and search results massively.

8. Create newsworthy press releases to popularize your business

Creating NAP (Name Address Place) press releases is a fantastic idea to stay engaged with local customers and improving traffic to your site. Penetrating the local market won’t be difficult if the press releases are newsworthy and useful to local customers looking for services/products.

The top 8 tricks discussed here are trial-tested by most companies and have worked perfectly for their local business success. Try them and share your experiences in the comments section.



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