Top 29 free press release distribution sites


Publishing press release online is the best way to convey your message to the public. Press release generates media coverage, increases traffic to your website, boosts the rankings on the SERP and attracts new customers. A well drafted press release is the great part of the marketing strategy for every business owner, company, blogger and website owner. As there are so many press release distribution websites, we have listed out few top press release distribution websites.

1. Prlog.orgPrlog

Established in 2006, PRLog is a website that provides an online press release distribution and press release submission service. It is designed to assist all types of businesses and organizations to distribute their news to the various networks, blogs and websites through numerous JavaScript, HTML and RSS feeds. It has both free and paid service for submitting the company’s press release. Apart from press release distribution, it has more advanced features including press room hosting, business directory services, job listings and expert directory. Moreover, it offers support for press releases and multiple categories and tags to store the press release. The website allows logos and pictures to be added along with SEO optimization.

Age OF Domain : 9 Years (2006 Aug)
DA(Domain Authority) : 85/100
PA(Page Authority) : 87/100
Moz Rank :6.52
Alexa Rank :8380
IP :
Indexed Pages : 1,603,418
Backlinks :173847

2. News.Thomasnet.comthomasnet is a supplier discovery and product resources platform. Established in 2004, it is designed for procurement professionals, engineers and plant/facility personnel. It is a free online platform that blends semantic product search technology with information rich company profiles. It provides website development, tools and technology to help suppliers to manage and share product and service data both internally and externally.

Age OF Domain : 11 Years(2004 Mar)
DA(Domain Authority) : 83/100
PA(Page Authority) : 76/100
Moz Rank :6.34
Alexa Rank :11417
IP :
Indexed Pages : 930,000
Backlinks :237164

3. Mynewsdesk.commynewsdesk

Established in 2004, Mynewsdesk is a unique PR and marketing platform for all types of businesses. It is a true pioneer that provides communicators with a modern digital PR service. This website assists the visitors to get direct access to company’s relevant press releases, blog posts, social media feeds, high-resolution images and graphics, video and much more. All news releases, PR and marketing content are presented in a fully responsive, user-friendly online newsroom. The information published in the newsroom is search-engine optimized and integrates social media platforms and thus it helps to increase online visibility of the concern companies.

Age OF Domain : 11 Years(2004 Apr)
DA(Domain Authority) : 80/100
PA(Page Authority) : 84/100
Moz Rank :6.87
Alexa Rank :12279
IP :
Indexed Pages : 11,300,000
Backlinks :280137

4. PR.compr

Incorporated in 1996, offers a platform for various companies and organizations to promote products & services in a business marketplace. It is a directory of businesses, products & services, a press release distribution service, job search website, online publication of articles, reviews and celebrity interviews. One can find any type of business, product, service, job, press release and articles.

Age OF Domain : 19 Years(1996 Dec)
DA(Domain Authority) : 77/100
PA(Page Authority) : 81/100
Moz Rank :6.5
Alexa Rank :17952
IP :
Indexed Pages : 350,856
Backlinks :130643

5. Beforeitsnews.combeforeitsnews

Rooted in 2007, Before It’s News is a platform that reports news from all around the world. It has free service for submitting the news. It specializes in publishing the news that the mainstream media ignores.

Age OF Domain : 8 Years(2007 Jan)
DA(Domain Authority) : 79/100
PA(Page Authority) : 82/100
Moz Rank :6.52
Alexa Rank :4365
IP :
Indexed Pages : 3,860,000
Backlinks :218642

6. LJWorld.comLJWorld

Since 1995, is the leading website that brings you different news with pictures, videos and data from all over the world. Apart from press release distribution, it also caters services such as advertising and online store. The website reader use popular RSS readers to subscribe to an RSS feed.

Age OF Domain : 20 Years(1995 Nov)
DA(Domain Authority) : 74/100
PA(Page Authority) : 58/100
Moz Rank :5.61
Alexa Rank :48396
IP :
Indexed Pages : 2,170,000
Backlinks :13278

7. Free Press Release.comFree Press Release

Established in 2002, Free Press Release is an online PR distribution service aimed at helping all types of enterprises to drive website traffic and to increase online visibility. It provides both free and paid PR distribution service. There are 4 types of packages as Free, Premier, Customized and Advanced. One can insert up to 3 images to add branding with a logo, which will enhance your PR with pictures of an event or a product.

Age OF Domain : 13 Years(2002 Dec)
DA(Domain Authority) : 69/100
PA(Page Authority) : 74/100
Moz Rank :5.98
Alexa Rank :11069
IP :
Indexed Pages : 1,150,000
Backlinks :2988

8. Newswire.comNewswire

Newswire is a unique PR distribution platform designed to assist all types of companies to increase online visibility and web presence. For over 14 years, it has been assisting to get the latest news around the world. It holds a list of distribution partners on their home page and channels including search engine distribution, new sites distribution and RSS feed distribution. It embraces three different packages along with free service, viz Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Age OF Domain : 14 Years(2001 Nov)
DA(Domain Authority) : 71/100
PA(Page Authority) : 63/100
Moz Rank :5.92
Alexa Rank :2138805
IP :
Indexed Pages : 114,000
Backlinks :654

9. Onlineprnews.comOnlineprnews

Online PR Media is a free PR distribution service that helps achieve high online visibility since 2008. Although it has free PR distribution service, it also provides paid services that range from $22. It publishes the concerned company’s PR in SEO press releases, multimedia press releases and newswire press releases. It holds a wide list of distribution partners including Yahoo,, CNet News, Forbes and much more.

Age OF Domain : 7 years (2008 Jan)
DA(Domain Authority) : 61/100
PA(Page Authority) : 67/100
Moz Rank :5.67
Alexa Rank :15506
IP :
Indexed Pages : 219,000
Backlinks :5518

Here is the list of next 20 popular PR sites

Domain Authority

  • 64/100
  • 61/100
  • 60/100
  • 59/100
  • 55/100
  • 55/100
  • 54/100
  • 53/100
  • 49/100
  • 48/100
  • 47/100
  • 47/100
  • 47/100
  • 47/100
  • 46/100
  • 46/100
  • 45/100
  • 45/100
  • 44/100
  • 42/100


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  • 17.221.6
  • 20.18.198
  • 57.55.90
  • 86.143.211
  • 10.193.108
  • 91.60.6
  • 68.105.102
  • 0.17.227
  • 236.51.2
  • 76.198.149
  • 9.98.141
  • 173.221.155
  • 118.178.177
  • 142.120.40
  • 109.125.171
  • 167.132.251
  • 68.104.4
  • 175.208.130
  • 139.170.1

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