The essence of digital marketing in the Information Age


digital marketing in the Information AgeDigital marketing is a mega trend today wherein 51% of website visitors are guided by organic searches. 89% of all customers across the globe begin a buying process through a search engine. The rest is accounted for by paid searches. During the late 1980s, having a fax machine represented the credibility of a business. However, if you are still using a fax number in your business card in 2015, you are already in a lot of trouble. In this Age of Information, convenience guides customers in ranking business. Consequently, increasing a brand’s digital footprint is one of the most urgent needs of businesses across industries. Even local shops aren’t immune to the change of trend. Tools like mapping, NAP consistency, local search optimization and intensive marketing allows them to compete with the ever mushrooming competitors.

10 interesting facts to keep in mind!

  1. According to Google, the internet contains more than 5 million TB of data! However, only 0.04% of this volume has been indexed and is displayed through search engine optimization. When we said that 89% of customers access business through search engines, making your mark in this 0.04% range is vital.
  2. Again, the Google search engine accounted for more than 40% in ad spending. For digital marketers, Google is one of the leading platforms to invest in.
  3. Website traffic (57%) and lead generation (61%) are considered to be top objectives by global marketers in 2015.
  4. Putting a video on the landing page of your website increases the chances of the URL showing up in the first page of SERPs by 53%.
  5. Searchers spend less than 2 seconds to review each listing in SERPs. This demands that your titles and descriptions make a great impression on the random visitor.
  6. 89% of global customers enter a buying process through search engines.
  7. 40% visitors close a website that has a loading time of more than 3 seconds
  8. Mobile users make up 27% of web users, heightening the importance of responsive designing
  9. According to 2011 data, 25% of global web development is done on WordPress
  10. More than 32 million websites have integrated WordPress development

Whether you are stepping into a startup or just trying to modify the existing one, this is high time that you dump the fax machine and more to digital channels of marketing and communication to avoid extinction. Digital marketing is in fact a very broad term that integrates showcase and promotion of your brand, product and services through a variety of electronic mediums.

Today websites are the face of every business. Customers and visitors attach the same perception to a brand they would attach to the quality of the website. Digital marketing is just a medium to promote a business but what lies underneath showcases the credibility and worth of the business. This is also where content, quality and experience comes into play. A well designed and developed website will certain get more attention than the average brand giving itself a web presence. Here are the things you would need to invest upon:


Appearance of a website is critical to make it look polished and professional. Always keep in mind that the quality of web development reflects your brand, products and the services that you try to sell through it. It is essential that the website makes the first good impression on a visitor. Consequently, you need to integrate a good use of color, text that is easily readable, meaningful graphics adding credibility to the content, high quality of photographs (especially for ecommerce websites) and simplicity.


Style should always be well complimented by substance. The audience is always looking for meaningful information that guides the buying / knowledge gaining process. This opportunity can be used to enhance the visitor confidence on your brand. Organized, updated and interesting content always makes a mark. Spelling mistakes, bad grammar and plagiarisms are just unforgivable.


Each and every part of your web design must work in accordance with the functionality you are trying to provide. Broken components in web development will only make the visitor more frustrates, making him leave the site at once.


Crucial but overlooked by many, the success of a website depends upon its usability. Customers/visitors are looking for convenience blended in unique style and functionalities. Consequently you should be double checking to ensure fast loading pages, minimal amount of scrolling, and a consistent layout, logical navigation, cross platform compatibility (browser compatibility), descriptive link texts, and optimized screen resolution. This is also one of the prime reasons that several businesses are looking to invest in PSD to WordPress conversion of their websites.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the definitive way to reach out to the crowd. The statistics put above already suggest the need for organic SEO building. An important part of the digital marketing process, SEO will, at the end of the day, help take a lead against competitors. It is important that you invest in a reputed and experienced SEO service provider to gain the advantages of the internet revolution.

Digital marketing in the age of smart phones

By 2016, the number of smart phone users across the globe will cross the mark of 2.16 billion. Today, 74% of the global adult population (18 years and above) own a smart phone. Further, 34% of the current internet users access the web through their smart devices. This would mean that these 34% of the crowd will try to search for your business on their smartphones. Consequently, digital marketers need to start investing in responsive designing to allow a consistent and convenient experience. The implication of smartphones for businesses is slated to grow exponentially and soon the user base will surpass the number of traditional desktop users. For users, smartphones provide access to all kinds of information, shopping, transactions, bill payments, locating businesses, making live convenient and ‘mobile’ in the truest sense. To be successful, brands need to grow with the trend.

As technology goes through constant innovations, digital marketers will need to constantly stay updated to make the most out of the opportunity. It’s a task that has no limits. If you don’t come up with a well defined strategy, you may as well fail.



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