The Chemistry Of SEO Ranking Factors

The Chemistry Of SEO Ranking Factors

Ah! Chemistry! If you are one among those who hate chemical formulas and periodic tables, finally here is something interesting. The periodic table put up by searchengineland is one of the best presentations of search engine ranking factors I have come across. On a first look, I personally felt the SEO periodic table a little complicated (Mebbe that’s because I am little allergic to Chemistry). However, on a closer look, they have managed to explain all the most important ranking factors such as content, HMTL use, link architecture etc within the periodic table.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors
Just one thing from our side to add to searchengineland’s presentation – There are some factors about the content usage mentioned in this periodic table, which is filed under Onsite SEO. However, the same applies for any content used for offpage SEO as well. Content is the key to offpage SEO. However, it is a very nice thinking by serachengineland to mash up SEO with the conventional periodic table without any changes.



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