The boost that Facebook can provide to the local business


Facebook can provide to the local businessFacebook and local business are integrally related to one another. The web is a great place to search for local businesses and one of the most convenient places is Facebook. This social media platform cannot be simply ignored by local businesses. Infact Facebook, the reigning social media giant is bringing out various kinds of tools and features on the platform so that local businesses can leverage benefits out of the same and get connected to billions of active users.
If you are targeting to make Facebook your online marketing media, here are some steps that can be of great help to you.

Creating Facebook page for the local business – This is the first step of working with Facebook for your business. The Facebook page for your local business will actually be the home page of your business in the social networking platform. Basically businesses, organizations, companies and various brands use this Facebook feature to make a presence on the social media platform. The Facebook page should be reflection of your business – use the logo as the profile picture. Also for the description, use attractive sentences and phrases.

Share, share and share – Content is king! This is an old adage in the web industry. Once your Facebook page is created, it is time that you have proper content in it. The content need not be long articles and blogs. It can be smart 1-2 liners that speak of your business. Along with text content, use videos, photos, promotions and updates related to your business. Users show more interest in audio-visual media than in plain texts. The tool called Facebook’s Page Insight provides detailed information on user activity. The more content you share on Facebook, higher will be the visibility.

Engaging followers – Well, creating drab and uninteresting content will do no good to your local business. The content that you need should be engaging and interesting so that your audience gets interested in the same and starts interacting. Share updates, make small and relevant posts and even ask for suggestions from your audience. Using conversational tone with a friendly attitude is the best thing that can be done. The updates should be done in a regular and timely manner as many people wait for the same. Also when there are direct interactions and engagement with your audience, you must reply to their comments and queries.

Making connections is important – What is the use of creating a Facebook page for your local business when there is no one to see the content of the page? Facebook provides a great tool through which online-following can be built and developed. The ‘Build Audience’ tool can be found in the Admin Menu of the page. Your Facebook friends as well as people on your email contact list can be invited and asked to follow the Facebook Page of the local business. Higher the numbers of followers and connections, better it is for the local business.

Facebook ads – Whenever you sign in into your Facebook account, you will see various kinds of ads that are displayed on the right hand side of the page. Those are Facebook ads that are posted by various companies and businesses. When used in the right manner, Facebook ads help in getting good numbers of customers and useful leads. Traditional advertising options are made available by Facebook so that these get featured in the news feeds of the users and followers. The ads come as kinds of promotional posts. Anyone who clicks on the ad is redirected to the main local business site. Infact, Facebook might provide suggestions of prospective customers who might be interested in the local business that you run.

Reaching out to more customers by contacts friends of followers/fans – Attracting new customers directly is not that easy always until and unless they are really convinced of the local business product/service. But, if a person uses a product/service and refers the same to another friend, there are high chances that the friend will give it a try once. When a fan does any kind of interaction on the Facebook page of your local business, his/her friends will note the same on their news feed. It is a great way of reaching out to new customers via old fans and followers. Setting up ‘polls’ or ‘small contests’ are also great ways of leveraging benefits from friends of fans.
With such a powerful social media platform at hand, it will not take long for your local business to gain popularity and customers.



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