The best digital marketing strategies used by global brands


The best digital marketing strategiesAs digital marketing grows to be an important part of brand building, company are investing more into learning the ways to succeed. A report published by Ascend2 states that the lack of adequate strategies is the number one reason hampering the success of any digital campaign. The report also states that 51% marketers have strategy bottlenecks limiting them to their goals. Other constrains to creating a successful campaign remain lack of training, inexperience, budget constraints, ineffective analytics, ineffective metrics and inability to strategize ROI.
Planning a well knit digital marketing strategy is high essential to stand against competition. Modern businesses thrive upon how well companies are able to adapt technological changes and digital media. From smartphones to social networking, the tools to the end are diverse and each allows the marketer to interact with consumers in a global scale. Consequently, regardless of the size of your business, it is essential that marketers learn to leverage their digital ability to engage and interact with their audience.
As per the global statistics presented by the World Bank, a minimum of 2 million consumers across the globe have access to internet and more importantly, 70% of this mass uses it every day. This is also the reason why the top companies are investing about 20% of their marketing budgets in digital strategies. Here are the five most common platforms for this investment:

1. Social media

Social platforms have proved to be the most efficient and cost effective tools to promote brand name, its products and services. It is a highly engaging platform that helps maintain customer loyalty and thereby add to the website traffic and sales. Social media has increasingly become a part of the overall shopping experience of modern consumers. Marketers can use a variety of tools to both create and maintain a demand / fan following.
The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Social management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Podium further allows these marketers to manage all of these platforms from a single dashboard, reducing the time spent and increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.

2. Blogs, images and videos

Reports by Zabisco, a reputed firm in digital design industry, states that 40% of internet users respond better to visual information than textual content. In the United States, more than 85% internet users watch videos online and the figures are similar in other parts of the globe. Consequently, high quality images and well made videos should be an important part of your digital marketing strategies. Channels like YouTube and Vimeo provide an impressive platform to market your campaigns and the results are astounding.

3. Emails

ExactTarget, a tool for email marketing automation suggests that emails are among the easiest ways for a brand to reach its consumers. 77% of users who have subscribed to a website using their email addresses will be responsive to email advertisement and other shared information.
Services and brands like Constant Contact and SalesForce allow easy integration and design of email campaigns with pre-established templates built on CSS and HTML. Further, they also support analytics and feedback on the number of people who positively responded to the effort.

4. Smartphones and other smart gadgets

According to VML, Australia, 56% of global population uses a smart phone. Further, 50% of this number uses their smartphones intensively to look up for information on the internet. 72% of the global population carries a tablet and add to this the market for wearable and other smart technology; the demographic would be several millions of consumers. This has been the reason why brands are spending so much on smart apps and related digital channels.

5. SEO and SEM

Google boasts a total of 182 million users, Yahoo has 173 million, Bing has 162 million, and finally with 69 million users. All of this presents the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The goal of SEM and SEO is to create a better visibility in search engines, so that customers are better exposed to your brand when searching for a particular product or service. Tools like local SEO also ensure that you defy the market competition and become the leading player in the industry.
Digital marketing is constantly innovating with changes in technology and market demands. It’s important for marketers to stay updated and make the best use of this space.



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