Strategic Marketing Summit – Post Coverage

We were not able to provide you much on “live coverage” of the summit as we were quite busy on handling the swarm of delegates visiting our booth. Back at the Chennai Marketing event held last month, we learned a lot of things to make our booth response great. Hence the plan for the free DVD on internet marketing to gain the attention of the delegates and that worked. We are sure that the free DVD would have helped the marketers a lot to plan strategies on their own.

We(Me, Elwinston, Divi and Mani) arrived at the venue as early as 7.30 AM and the summit was scheduled to start by 9.30 AM. We started right away setting up the booth and organizing the free DVDs. We focused on getting maximum attention using the backdrops and brochures which emphasized on the free DVD. The brochure also carried some of our success stories such as successful keyword placements which we had achieved for our clients. The setup completed in an hour and we were anxiously waiting for the response. And then walks in the first delegate Mukesh, Manager For Business Development – Logic Tree and his response was excellent. Making sure that our booth at the summit is perfectly put up, we started preparing ourselves to listen to the speakers of the summit.

Alright, now let me share some of the key points discussed at the summit

Harish Bijoor, Brand Expert & CEO, Harish Bijoor consults delivered the keynote, which I would say is the best of all parts of the summit. Thanks to his real life explanation of a customer’s reaction to a brand. He pictured a customer as a kid during the initial stages, who listens and does everything a brand tells them to do. The kid grows up, gathers knowledge and speaks up. As the kid speaks up, the brands are unable to understand a thing! As the customer (kid) learns modern technologies so fast than the brand.

A short clip of Harish

After such a great session we were really expecting a great deal with the discussion panels and the other speaker. Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer had such a wonderful topic with her – “Tips & Tricks for Effective Branding in 2012”. According to her, most of the companies spend a whole lot of their time in Agency Selection, Events calendar, Ad creation, PR calendar, Social Media. She added that a company should focus more on discovering or Understanding why customers buy and what makes your offering unique. Any brand should become a publisher in paid media, own media and earned media to succeed in 2012. Jessie recommends 5 areas/ tools where you should invest in for effective marketing in 2012

  • Crm
  • Mailing Software
  • Website Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Survey Tool

As a conclusion, she emphasized the need of branding in channels such as Linkedin, Books, Conferences, Blogs, Social Media and Articles. The session was not so bad but not very interesting as you see. However, the presentation of the session was good enough to keep the audience interested

The session by zip dial

The survey by Valrie

Valerie R. Wagoner, Founder & CEO, ZipDial was expected to deliver “Tips & Tricks for Successful Ecommerce marketing”. Valerie started with a quick survey with the audience. The survey was to find the percentage of businesses into eCommerce, Retail, Goods and services. The audience was asked to dial in toll free numbers for each category (the zip dial style). The survey resulted with majority into “services” (53%). eCommerce was the least in the survey. I am not sure about the real use of this survey rather than an advertising for Zip dial. The session continued further explaining the features of using zip dial. There was only one valuable point in this session. It is the fact that “Only 6% of ‘most used handsets’ are internet enabled (WAP/

GPRS/EDGE/Wi-Fi).” Out of which half of the Indians would not even send an SMS. All they know is to make a call. So before anyone gets into mobile phone marketing in India, be sure about your target audience and their capability to use advanced technologies

Raghu talking about Retail Businesses

According to him the plethora of choices with each product available today is making it hard for the marketers to promote. They find it real hard to differentiate each product. However, customers can easily spot the difference and make the choice. This is when any tiniest mistake in any product becomes a huge blunder to the eyes of the customer.

During olden days, a customer would look at products which are fast, good or cheap. However, today’s consumers expect products/ services to be Fast + Good + Cheap + “The X-Factor”. And the perfect choice of the X-Factor is what makes a brand to succeed. Identifying the X-factor is a huge hurdle for any brand. Raghu suggests some of the X-factors with great examples.

X-Factor = Responsibility: The example is companies going green and engaging in social practices
X-Factor = Beauty: Apple products and Samsung’s new range of classy smartphones have won the market with great looks
X-Factor = Ease: Making customers feel a lot comfortable. Example is Mercedes Benz able to double sales after offering the Airport Express service which is a combination of dealership and a service station at major airports in Europe and Australia.

Quoted from Raghu’s presentation:
People who travel regularly are likely to be in their target audience. But that’s not all, Mercedes-Benz also gives you an array of other services:
– They send any clothes you might have kept at the back of the car for dry-cleaning
– They arrange that your car comes to pick you up
– They give you a goodies bag for your travel (with chocolate, bottled water meusli bars and tea)

X-Factor = Location: Clubmed winning just because of the location is a pretty example
X-Factor = Fun: It can be adult, sexy, humorous or kiddish. Virgin Airlines was taken as an example.
X-factor = inaccessibility: Google products gathering mass exposure by restricting signups only through invitations

So, identifying what X-factor is relevant for your client brings success to your brand.

We thought we would be feeling sleepy after such a heavy meal (Thanks to Silicon India) for arranging it. However, Raghu kept us awake with a wonderful session on successful retail branding.

After 2 more discussion panels, we reach the conclusion of the summit. The closing note by Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, Brand-Comm was excellent. With some great examples of television advertisements which created a revolution, the summit closed on time by 6.00 PM

Closing Note

Ramanujam Sridhar Delivering Closing Note

One thing that highlighted in the summit is, “Be Unique”. Yes, that is the strategy for any brand promotion in 2012. Make your brand unique by implementing the X-factors and you rule the market.