Social Shopping – A Boon for Online Products and Retailers


This is an internet era. People shop online to purchase various products. Online shopping helps to save more money and time. It is one of the easiest ways to purchase from being at home with a few mouse clicks. The product will be delivered directly to the doorsteps. Through these online shops every products and sellers can easily reach the customers online. Promoting a store and products is must to bring folks into any store. Social Shopping acts as a boon for online shops and products to get to limelight.

Social Shopping:

Social Shopping is a method of e-commerce and of traditional shopping in which consumers shop in a social networking environment. Social Shopping sites offer many ways to get extra exposure for the stores and products.

Benefits of Social Shopping:

  • Social Shopping sites allow creating custom shopping list, wishlist and sharing them with friends.
  • Users communicate, review and aggregate information about features, prices, and deals about a product.
  • With a product we can add product image, price, description and product url.
  • Increase the visibility and popularity of stores and products.

SEO Benefits of Social Shopping:

The products listed in social shopping sites will be indexed quickly by search engines.

Social Shopping sites deliver the results equal to Amazon.

The Store created in social shopping sites has its own website, logo and description in the listing.

Consumers can save, share and bookmark a product if they interested.

When a buyer click the buy button from social shopping sites it will be redirected to the parent store site. So it increases the traffic.

Finally I conclude that Social Shopping is a boon for retailers to promote online products.