Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin

Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook, Twitter And Linkedin

It is quite amazing that even the top level marketing managers of corporates still think that social media is a nutshell with just marketing opportunities at facebook, twitter and linkedin. Social media is not a nutshell and never was. Social media is something more to a vast ocean where your brand needs visibility almost everywhere. Our social media marketing research has revealed that there are about 600 social media marketing spots where any brand SHOULD have its presence.

We know that, just having a presence doesn’t make your brand reputable online. Regular maintenance is an indispensable task when it comes to social media marketing. While social media marketing using twitter, facebook and linkedin could be done in house up to an extent, what about the rest of the social media spots. Trust us on the fact that if you are concentrating on marketing in twitter, facebook and linkedin, your brand is really missing a huge opportunity to get the best exposure in both serach engines and the social media. Maintaining all social media sites doesn’t mean that you have to maintain all the 600 social media sites. Some of the site build self-reputation, however, there are 60+ sites which need your daily care.

Maintaining profiles at 60 social media sites and networks is certainly not an easy task. But certainly is a time consuming task. Just logging into these sites to check what’s going on itself would eat up half of your day. This is where the social media multiple account managing sites such as hootsuite and come into play. Sync all the important social media profiles with programs such as hootsuite or, you have maintenance action in all 60 social media sites with just one click.

We have been listening to a session on social media marketing from a top level marketing professional. According to him SMM is marketing in facebook, twitter and linkedin. When asked about the measured success from these social sites, he has no clue. Well, nobody has. But we do! The answer is, to measure success, you should have your brand present in all the social media sites than the top 3. Stay tuned … as we are updating our social media marketing section to offer you with value added services with the best ROI