SEO thought of the day! What if pigs could FLY?

SEO thought of the day! What if pigs could FLY?

How to do SEO the right way

All of us are familiar with the phrase “what if pigs could fly?” which represent things that never have the possibility of happening. Brue Clay have used this phrase wisely to explain what real SEO is. Every day, I receive several requests for custom SEO quotes from people who want to promote their website. In fact everyone needs their website to be on top of the SERPS. It is true that many think that SEO is a magic that can make pigs to fly.

If you think your website is not the “flying” type, you need to analyze and “reengineer” it. On page SEO analysis which ranges from META content optimization to increase the page speed and implementing structured data would be the main part of reengineering. Once the onpage SEO factors are taken care of, your website would be genetically altered and would gain the ability to FLY. Now, to keep the website flying and prevent it from falling down, you need regular offpage SEO and continuous social media marketing.

This is the main reason why we analyze the on page SEO factors of the client’s website and optimize it before starting the regular and continuous promotion. The process is strictly followed in the recently launched local SEO package as well.

So, pigs certainly cannot fly, but SEO can genetically reengineer a website and turn it in to an EAGLE.