SEO Soup-Keyword Optimization the best


SEO Soup-Keyword Optimization the best

Have you ever heard the tale about 3 bears, if you have read or heard you will obviously appreciate what I have to share today? I bet you can recall the 3 bears including papa bear, mama bear and the little baby bear. I will be focusing on the baby bear when it comes to keyword optimization. Just imagine keyword density as porridge as it makes easy to relate the old story.

Papa bear first said, “We can shop for the different type of porridge and compare them until you find the best porridge. It is easy for anyone to find different types of porridge at major outlets and you can buy and prepare the best porridge you want.”

Then mama bear said, “Do you love to have steaming porridge? Then check out a website, where you can have a bowl of porridge while playing your favorite poker games, you can taste the yummy porridge as well as win jackpots while you play games. Isn’t the porridge alone? Naah, you can play as well as drink your favorite porridge.”

But the baby bear said, “I love to have warm and soft porridge, few people love to add different types of things along with porridge including butter, milk, sugar, etc. It also added, “we eat porridge at all times because it is not only easy to make but also affordable.”

Got it? Keyword optimization plays the main role in getting the best rankings. If you do it in the wrong way then you will be penalized for it, which means you will end up with a big bowel of porridge that is not going to do any good for you. Few SEO evangelists think, excess use of keyword (keyword stuffing) could bring fruitful results but the fact is it affects the website in engine results. Articles must be interesting with keywords sprinkled in a natural way however stuffing of keywords hardly brings results and can also lead to penalization.