SEO Reseller Plan Pave Way for Multiple Business Bulls eyes


Multiple Bullseye at once

What’s New in your favorite SIM bag of SEO goodies? Let us find out!

Have you ever wished you had an auto-pilot on your SEO business with zero involvement on your side? Have you been dreaming of earning consecutive profits from a multi-billion dollar industry with absolutely no inventory in hand? Of course it would have seemed impossible to get the job done at minimal participation or expert handling of processes from your side, let alone expecting to get attractive monetary benefits from the same. If you have still not mentally arrived at what we aim to point you towards, then we guess it is high time we introduce the most infallible SEO solution ever brought in for YOU – our SEO Reseller Program!

What is the SEO Reseller Program? May be, you have come across something of its like, may be you have not! But we sure are positive that you would certainly have not come across anything like the SIM SEO Reseller Program because we just can’t help but be far better than the rest. Let us quickly browse through the SEO Reseller Plan Features:

  • The SEO Reseller plan at SIM is of two types

A – SEO Reseller A-Z

B – SEO Reseller API

Service Features SEO ResellerA – Z SEO ResellerAPI Costs($)
Full-fledged MAGENTO website
Yes No FREE*
MAGENTO/WORDPRESS/PHP integrated with MAGENTO service buttons No Yes FREE**
EXCLUSIVE SEO Packages for your brand
Yes Yes FREE
Access to SIM SEO experts to work under your brand
Yes Yes FREE
Access to add your own SEO staff outside of SIM
Yes Yes FREE
Acquire SEO advice from SIM R&D
Yes Yes FREE
Admin access/Client Access/Staff Access to in-house SIM Project management system (integrated to your website)
Yes Yes
Secure Payment options through multiple payment gateways like credit cards, PayPal, 2checkout,, PayFlow.
Yes Yes  
Ownership of the reseller site
Site compatibility with browsers Firefox, IE5 and above, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari Depends on the website you provide  
Extras offered Domain nameHosting Space Content for web pagesLogoGraphicsOn-site SEOOff-site SEO Content for web pagesLogoGraphicsOn-site SEOOff-site SEO Price quotes for each on request
Time frame for reseller site setup
5 days 3 days  

*The SEO Reseller website setup costs for Reseller A-Z would be $500, which is refundable as and when your orders reach the $5000 mark.

**The SEO Reseller website setup costs of Reseller API would be $300, which is refundable as and when your orders reach the $3000 mark.

Why we think the SIM SEO Reseller plan is worth considering?

  • The global economy demands for affordable solutions when it comes to almost any service under the sun. We understand the spending constraints of online entrepreneurs and so do you. Thus, we help you serve your clients with discounted reseller rates that WE CAN easily afford.
  • You needn’t worry about the quality of service as our 9+ years of service gives no room for performance flaws. You are among the 5000 odd clients that we cherish and would love to have long term business with, by establishing a firm hold on international SEO output standards.
  • You get a variety of custom-made SEO Reseller packages for free apart from so many other no-cost deliverables shown above.
  • Our SEO Reseller plan rates are as good as our outsourcing rates to which you may add in a desired percentage of your profits and sell it to your clients. You may or may not have absolute participation in the process, unlike one that is needed during outsourcing SEO. The absence of any middlemen can multiply your profits as you have ample of time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  • We STRICTLY follow White-label Company policies and thus you can rest assured of confidentiality and nil chances of taking over your clients directly. If need be, we can happily sign an NDA on the same.
  • You have ultimate control over your website as the admin.
  • You can track the orders through our efficient project management system. The job undertaken, at every step, is completely transparent and client interactions with either our staff or your staff can be easily watched over.
  • Detailed reports are handed over to your clients under your brand.
  • You get the credit for every service offered on your SEO website without you having to participate.

So why wait before someone overtakes you with this lucrative SEO offering from SIM? Get in touch with us through quick contact here for more information.



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