ROI on Online Press release distribution – A case study.


ROI on Online Press release distribution – A case study.

  • Is conventional Press Release distribution dead with the advent of social media?
  • How effective is it compared to social media releases?
  • Will it be of any good to distribute press releases in the old fashioned way?
  • Is the ROI(return on Investment) diminishing compared to other promotional strategies?
  • Is it still effective to distribute Press Releases to free Press Release directories?

These are a few questions asked by our clients on press release distribution service. Much had been discussed on this issue as more and more SEO’s spread the agenda that PR distribution is not an effective strategy anymore for promoting websites. Part of the reason is that some of the SEO companies out there want to make a fast buck with social media services, charging enormous amount of money for their services.

As social media promotions are an emerging strategy, clients are not aware of how much time and money is involved in social media services. If done according to the guidelines with proper formatting, a manual press release distribution to 75 sites may take 7-8 hours. The competition is so fierce that SEO companies get anything from $4-8 / hour for a Press Release distribution compared to $10-25 for social media services. More emphasis is given for social media services by some SEO companies as Press release distribution service does not bring in the revenue as social media services.

I personally believe that PR distribution has its value. While promoting the brand, it is very handy in getting the quality backlinks. The PR we distribute is available immediately on news sites like Google News etc driving more traffic. The benefits don’t end there, the PR gets syndicated to several blogs and websites. I had decided to check out the effectiveness and ROI on a Press Release distributed to 75 free Press release sites.

The cost for writing and submitting a PR to 75 free general Press release directories $55 (Outsource Rate)

The PR was distributed on 2/18/2010 and this report is generated on 2/27/2010, 9 days after the submission.

Direct Links from PR directories–Launched-By-SubmitinME-20100219.html–launched-by-submitinme-12472.html

A total of 35 press release directories have published the PR with link backs in a week. The Press Release is waiting for approval in the rest of the directories. I will check it and report here as soon as the PR gets published there.

News Sites

The beauty of Press release services is that the PR gets picked up by News Sites like Google News etc. This PR is instantly picked up by Google News and it appears on top for the search term “Advanced SEO“. The Press Release then gets syndicated to 100’s if not 1000’s of sites.

Google news result Advanced SEO

and 100 others. See the search for exact term “Advanced SEO Services for 2010 – Launched by SubmitinME

Social Media

There are several other social media sites which have published the press release or linked to it.

The Conclusion

For the $55 invested on Press Release Marketing we were able to get 35 direct links from unique high PR sites in a week and this number is increasing day by day as and when the PR gets approved. We are featured at Google News for “Advanced SEO” which is a significant success of the Press Release. Also it is syndicated to 100’s of blogs and social media sites. Not only we got unique backlinks for less than 1$, but also the PR have helped us to reach out our brand to thousands of readers of Google News. Considering the initial investment of $55, the ROI on Press Release Marketing is more than 500% in the short term and we see unlimited returns as these published Press Release pages gain PR(Page Rank) in due course.