Reviews for Local Businesses – 8 SEO-Backed Ways to Obtain Them


local business review tips for small businessOptimizing a website for local business can be backbreaking as the algorithm for local SEO is perplexing. The ability to market a business locally involves several facets like citations, link building, content, social media, etc. and controlling them perfectly are ways to reach the customer.

Another facet that adds more value to local SEO marketing is ‘reviews’ and Google considers this a prime factor for ranking.

It is apparent that Google is focusing on providing customers with reliable information they search for. So, reviews can be a wonderful tool as people often look at this whenever they plan to buy, sell products or hire services of any business. Realizing this, most webmasters are focusing on reviews as they can provide substantial information to clients.

1. Post quality reviews:

It is often misconceived that a site with tons of reviews will rank higher compared to another with a few. Google counts on quality and not quantity. A site with 5 quality reviews will rank higher than other with a 100 poor ones.

2. Select review sites search engines love the most:

Finding high-quality sites can be easy. Key a query “dentist reviews” for your reference. Click and open the review to ensure the success of the dentist. Find out the other links search engine results throw up for the same keyword. Pick the sites that search engines love the most and try to include your business review in there. This could help your reviews make it to the first page without any hassle.

3. Offer exceptional customer services for better reviews:

Customers leave their reviews for two reasons – to complain or appreciate. If your products, services are good and customer service exceptional, then request your clients to leave a review about the business. If they really like your service, they’ll leave reviews without any qualms.

4. Inspire customers to write reviews:

Customers love it fast and simple. Use the trick of simplicity to encourage customers to write comments about your business. Make it painless by allowing them to leave the comments through their Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts etc.

5. Display review printouts:

Placing printed-out reviews on your business space, most possibly in areas where customers often look into, adds more value.

6. Set up Google+ profile:

Google+ Local has introduced a lot of changes in the rankings and having reviews on this social platform will improve the search results of your business. Anyone can comment on your business and having more positive reviews can multiply your online visibility.

7. Improve mobile search visibility:

With Google Now being the primary choice of many to find the desired place, thing, or name they look out for, websites with quality reviews and ratings will be displayed far ahead of others.

8. Popular sites to post reviews:

Compiled below are some popular sites for posting reviews of business as people flock to these sites for retrieving local information.

  • Google+ Local
  • Yahoo! Listings
  • Yelp!
  • Citysearch
  • TripAdvisor

I hope by now everyone reading this post would have realized that online reviews play an invincible role in enhancing search engine rankings and results of any business locally.

Please share the experiences on how positive reviews impacted and enhanced the local search results and rankings of your business in the comments section. 



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