Penguin is the Official Panda Successor


Penguin is the Official Panda Successor

Google webspam update a.k.a Penguin update

Although known for affecting only 3.1% of the queries, the Google webspam algorithm update called the ‘Penguin update’, has been unleashed to fight spam. The estimated overall effect on the search queries might be lower than Panda, and Panda is not all gone, but the Penguin update seems to have in place strategies to wipe out spam altogether with no manual intervention. This also means that if you were to be hit by the Penguin and you sent a reconsideration request to Google Webmaster, there are low chances of getting it actually reconsidered since there is no human behind the penalties. It is an actual algorithm change that takes place automatically.

The only way out (sort of a long shot) is to post in the webmaster forum about this and expect a reply. This again could be something that must be handled the right way, as in, you might want to explain to Google as to what your end user is missing instead of what you have lost due to the Penguin penalty on the site.

Huge and popular sites like have been hit already with a combination of the Panda and the Penguin, but soon the lists of sites hit hard by this algorithm change is going to astonish many others.

The only way out is to check all the missed out notifcations of spam from Google in the past and rectify it and check for all your links and on-page keyword densities to make sure there is nothing abnormal about it. If in any case you have been indicated as a site that has been over-optimized, please pull up your socks as soon as possible as the Penguin has left the North pole to fight webspam.

For more tips, or more aptly called, “specific instructions” directly from Google have a look at the 8 + 4 guidelines to escape the embrace of the Penguin by