Pagespeed score 97 – How we achieved it?


When Google labs made the google pagespeed checker public the first thing I did was to check the pagespeed of It had a pagespeed score of 78, which is not bad but as a SEO company we ought to rank much better than 78. I had a meeting with our designers and developers as this is combined job of both the departments.

Prateesh our designer in charge for SIM was eager to experiment and he optimized all the images for size without altering the quality of the image using various tools. He had to convert some Jpg images to gif and some of the gif images to .png. He had succesfuly optimized the images without any problem with the quality of the images. After uploading the optimized images we checked the pagespeed which had increased 5 points to 83.

While the developers were working on the javascript and multiple http requests Prateesh worked on CSS Sprites. There were some changes to be made on the style sheets and he combined the images to a single image to serve as CSS sprites. He also did a html/css cleanup and removed unwanted code and unused styles. The score went up another 3 points to 86

the developers were facing issues in setting up expiry date and cache control with IIS -7 (Windows server) Initially when they set an expiry date for cache some of the elements did not load properly and they had a hard time working around the config files. We had no clue on what to do next. After several hours of research they found a work around and they were able to fix the image cache but not the script and css expiry. Also they minified all the css, JS and html in meantime. After the updates we were able to jump to 90

Finally Aravind, with the help of karthik and starlin had figured out how to fix the css/js expiry. Also there were a number of requests made to the server from the home page, which was made as one by altering the SQL query. They updated the code and nothing happened on that particular day

BINGO – WE GOT A PAGESPEED SCORE OF 97 , It was an amazing moment and immeadiately we checked a number of client websites and suggested them the service. Everyone of them needed it and after working on several client websites we decided to take the page speed service public to everyone.

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