Our SEO packages and strategies are now well tuned – Thanks to the algorithm updates in 2012

Our SEO packages and strategies are now well tuned – Thanks to the algorithm updates in 2012

This has been the longest vacation that we had. Now with things slowly picking up pace in the SEO world, SubmitINme is already with the best collection of SEO packages and social media marketing strategies for 2013. While most of the SEO companies out there are cursing Google for the series of algorithm updates that happened throughout 2012, we at SubmitINme really consider those updates as boons. Those algorithm updates enabled our SEO research team to stretch the potential of our SEO packages and services.

Our shelves now carry the “best of the best SEO” lists, well optimized execution patterns and inclusion of the most wanted social signals wherever applicable. With almost all the backlink quality factors analyzed, our services have become highly compliant with the current algorithm updates and many more expected updates to hit in 2013.

There are a couple of unique new additions to our service line up, such as Infographics and Pinterest Marketing. Both these strategies have a considerable impact in SEO, social media marketing and branding. In fact these strategies are predicted to dominate the internet marketing world in 2013. The effectiveness of these unique strategies are tested with our own marketing campaigns and hence we are able to provide proven solutions to the clients based on the test results. Infographic promotion experiments for example were highly successful and the results were published in SIM labs earlier last year.

So here we are at the start of a glorious New Year, fully loaded with highly capable SEO packages and social media marketing strategies with guaranteed results. We expected a few algorithm updates in 2013 such as the Author rank implementation as a ranking factor. We have prepped for such possible future updates and hence when these go live we and our clients would reap the benefits rather than worrying.

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