An Official Blog From A Cup Of Coffee

Our coffee breaks often go useless with just a few cit chats. However, today’s coffee break is more than just a chit chat and a cup of Coffee. We were sBlog In Coffeepeaking about the effectiveness of our SEO services. My colleague Elwin started with the document sharing section that he is handling. According to him document sharing is the best way to publicize any document. As he is one guy who takes the laptop with him wherever he goes, he started to show us the results of document sharing. Well, not everyone liked it and some of them said “Oh, come on guys not in coffee break too!!” and they went out of the recreation center. But a few of them including me were curious about it. He pointed us to a document uploaded to “Slideshare”, titled “The Women Internet Users Are Fond of Social Networking Sites And Blogs As Opposed To Twitter”. This article has got 1089 views and 11 downloads in just 9 months. The next part amazed us all. This document appeared in the first page (2nd place among 29,900,000 results) of Google search for the very popular and competitive keyword “women internet users”.

While Elwin was continuing with this success story, Stalin (Article marketing manager) makes his entry into the hall. Hearing this conversation, he started to support his article marketing section. He asked Elwin, if document sharing is better than Article Marketing? And Elwin’s answer was obviously “yes”. Now it’s Stalin’s turn. He pointed out that though there are huge views and lots of traffic driven through document sharing, the links have no value (as they are embedded in flash). According to him article marketing is better than document sharing and the proof for this is the article marketing whitepaper written by our CEO Mr. Guna.

While we were having this chat, Guna who was listening to all this had a different thought. “Hey guys, why don’t we reveal our findings to our clients? I think that will be greatly useful for them. What do you think is the best way to explain all these to the clients?” Personal emails? Newsletters? A new page at SubmitINme? We got a striking answer from the guys who left out earlier hearing our conversation – “How about an official Blog for SubmitINme? This official blog can be used to share our findings, success stories and hear what our clients have to say about it”. We thought that they where just having a cup of coffee. But they have proved that a cup of coffee can make the mind think better.

And so here, the official blog of SubmitINme from a hot cup of coffee.

Special Thanks to:
Guna (CEO of SubmitINme)
Guys Who Had Coffee (Initiators of SIM Official Bog)
Karthik Natraaj (Webmaster of SubmitINme)
Clients of SubmitINme (Readers and thought sharers of SIM official Blog)



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