Next week’s focus: Algorithm proof SEO – How to achieve it?

As Google is getting more and more transparent each day with their algorithm updates, we at SubmitINme are also going transparent with all our SEO strategy planning. We have decided to regularly twice a week (at the start of the week and the weekend) to let everyone know about the week’s agenda with our team. Now you’d know what strategy SubmitINme is currently working on and how it would benefit you in the future.

We have set next week’s focus to “Algorithm proof SEO”. The reason behind choosing this topic is obviously the recent talks about the next penguin update that Google is prepping. As a matter of fact the cute little penguin has become a symbol of nightmare to the SEO experts and webmasters who are clueless on how their website is going to take the next penguin update. Added to the fears, all major search engine news sources have highlighted the intensity of the penguin update. The next one is surely a major update (perhaps fixing the mistakes of the initial algorithm) and so several website is sure to take a huge hit. But always remember the true fact whenever there is an algorithm update (a major one) there would be several websites that see a positive ranking effect because of their best SEO practices. Such websites who had performed algorithm proof SEO strategies, the updates are actually good news.

Our research team at SIM labs has keenly concentrated on making all our services “algorithm proof”. Now our aim is to add even more effective SEO strategy combinations that could be continuously applied to any website no matter what algorithm updates we face. Stay tuned about new updates on this topic from our research team at SIM labs



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