Megsitelinks – What is in it for Webmasters?


In Google’s updates for December 2011, one noteworthy feature that scored well was ‘Megasitelinks’ that is set to alter what Google users see on their search results with the presentation of geo-relevant information. While the existing Google Sitelinks platform lacks webmaster inputs that can suppress lists to prevent certain URLs from appearing in the megasitelinks most of the time the suggestions are disregarded. Sitelinks controls fail to influence suggested changes on the SERPs while the new algorithms updates have created expectations among the marketers and site owners that they might find something new to work with. The fact that Google Megasitelinks employs intelligent algorithms that display a subset of pages relevant to a searcher’s query, also necessitates functional controls in place for them or no controls at all. Yet Google asks for suggestions but ignores them altogether.

Webmasters and marketers would sure be glad to see that they have more control over what the megasitelinks tools allow them to display or hide, irrespective of the algorithmic shift, in addition to finding details about the status of the sitelinks and for what queries. Using the enhanced geographical inferences Google should let them give opportunities wherein businesses can promote locations, offers, coupons, etc. within their sitelinks display area. But the truth is that over the past year or so, marketers have been seeing lesser user related data than before.

Either Google needs to assign controls that gives webmasters the choice of picking up sub-pages for the Megasitelinks or share the logic behind the sub-links that appear, which would help webmasters tune their pages to suit Google’s demands. Feel free to post your opinions on Google’s Megasitelinks update.



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