Marketing local business online – helpful effective tips


Marketing local business onlineNo business – whether it is a small one or on large scale – can run without effective marketing strategies. Usually small businesses refrain from spending a lot on advertising and marketing and remain limited to flyers, leaflets and billboards. It has been seen that many small businesses had the potential to make it really big but the lack of proper marketing and advertising restricted the business to grow as much as it could. Now marketing trends are changing rapidly making way for digital marketing. The results from these marketing strategies are way better than that of traditional marketing schemes.

Here are some great tips with which you can market your local business in a highly effective manner:

Submission of the local business to various local directories – Suppose you are a resident of California and need a plumber in your house for some repair works. It is quite obvious that you will search online for a plumber by mentioning your geographical area. There are innumerable local business directories online where local businesses can get themselves registered and featured. These directories serve as great resource for consumers who look for assistance from local businesses.

Some of the most popular sites that offer greatly trusted directory submission include names like BrightLocal, MozLocal and Yext. When visitors look for services and goods in the local area, these sites can provide authentic search results for the same. All the mentioned three sites are paid sites and this is one of the reasons that spammers have not been able to create havoc with them. Their authenticity and genuineness is the main driving force that brings lots of visitors to these sites looking for local services and things (local business).

Google Places account mandatory – The digital marketing world is dominated by Google. And when you are thinking of marketing your local business, there is no better way than using Google Places. It is important that Google knows about the existence of your local business and the Google Places account is the easiest and best way of letting Google know that. As soon as the business is located by Google Places, the business gets included in the Google’s social and local search results. For enhancing visibility online, it is recommended that local businesses should provide their address, their products, the opening and closing time and reviews to the account. Potential customers can find the local businesses through Google Plus, Google Search and Google Maps.

  1. Google Maps – After getting a Google Places account, the local business gets automatically included in Google Maps. This includes a link to the business website and addition of store marker so that physical location of the business premises can be understood. Anyone who is browsing Google Maps will locate the local business easily. This also helps in increasing the virtual and physical traffic to the business.
  2. Google Search – With popularity of the internet, it has been found that majority of the people look online for local businesses. Local search results are extremely competitive and this is where Google Places account comes to be truly handy. It is even better if the local business of yours is a verified one with Google Places as you are likely to be included in the top results of local business searches. The only thing that you need to do consistently is maintain and update the account regularly as this can push Google to take your local business website quite high up in the search engine rankings.
  3. Google Plus – Google Plus, the social networking platform of Google can help in creating great impact for your local business. How? It is because this platform enhances the visibility of your business to innumerable users and more importantly it helps in enabling direct interactions between the business and the consumer. Moreover, reviews on Google Plus can be great boost for your local business.

Social media community building for customers and local businesses – Local businesses often ignore social media marketing as they find the same to be irrelevant and too broad in various aspects. But it is also true that local customers use social media. So what to do in such a situation? Local businesses have to use the social media but in a refined filtered manner. One effective way of doing that is by creating a community page and list various kinds of businesses and resources that might be useful for the local people. Use platforms like Google Plus hangouts, LinkedIn Groups, Pinterest Boards or Facebook for making your local business well known.
Trying these techniques are sure to bring in positive results for your local business. It might take some time to bring in the desired outcome but the results are permanent.



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