Local SEO Promotion: On page Optimization attains Grade A

Local SEO Promotion: On page Optimization attains Grade A

Local business SEO – Is that enough that you collect some local links for your business over local directories & websites? Is it enough that you enroll your business location over Google, Bing & Yahoo maps? What do these methods result you? Doing these will get your audience reach your website. Website in the sense, webpage – the landing page. What if the landing page never does the duty of converting your audience?

If your website has poor navigation structure, normal or not so interesting content, shabbily inserted images, no call to action & contact details…Do you think the person who lands over such a page will stay longer? Never. They immediately will close the window and switch to some useful pages which are neatly presented. That is what I am talking of… On page optimization procedures included within ‘SEO for small business’.

Key takeaways while doing On page Optimization:

  • Keep your website’s design simple, not cluttered & readable
  • Never opt for rich platforms like flash and JavaScript while you design your website. Stay with the standard HTML design, because search engines are capable of reading only the HTML language
  • Opt for one main keyword related to your industry you focus on, and three to four sub keywords.
  • Your main keyword should always be in the title of your page.
  • Insert meaningful images with alt tags, and keywords associated with them
  • Make sure you optimize the content of your webpage with keywords & synonyms of it. Never over-optimize it to end up getting a panda-penalty.
  • Your meta content should be clickable and should certainly contain your main keyword & one or two of your sub keys. Again never over optimize.
  • Never write content having the word SEO in mind. Always write content for your audience
  • Make sure you have your address and phone number over the footer of each of your web pages. Have your citations reflect the same address & phone number format as you have in the web page
  • Make sure that your titles are not exceeding 70 characters and descriptions 165 characters
  • Your main keyword should preferable be at the start of the title tag for easy indexing by search engine bots
  • Having a sitemap in your website is the most important step, helping search engines to understand what topics you have covered in your business website
  • Having images in your sitemaps help in better exposure over search engines
  • Check if your URLs have your location and main-keyword/business name included
  • Schema integration plays a major role in enhancing key points you wish to emphasize over your search results
  • Check for no duplicates over your website
  • Be very particular about not directing every anchor texts from your sub pages towards your home page. It is over optimization
  • Your anchor texts should not be exact keyword matches. Take a phrase as a whole containing your keyword.

Doing any other link gathering jobs to your website when it lacks proper, design, navigation and all those factors that Google has included in their best list, will go waste.