Local SEO: Get placed over Google, Bing & Yahoo Maps

Local SEO: Get placed over Google, Bing & Yahoo Maps

Every small business wishes to mark its presence at higher ranks over top search engine sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Local internet marketing which involves Local SEO as a chief procedure should be done to every website awaiting local clients to it. Are you aware that there are more than 3.5 billion Google maps searches done over desktop PCs, mobile, and smart phones? The reason is the increased facility the Maps offer users to find a location. Maps over the web include Google maps, Yahoo & Bing maps.

Maps allow you to search for broad keywords now, for example, real estate brokers in Texas. Map results now surpass Organic results for Local search terms. Why wait to get introduced to these revenue building maps & locate your businesses over these maps?

Google Maps

Google Maps are a great source of businesses of all sorts and types. They offer Satellite views, Earth views, Street views of each nook & corner in and around the world. Recently, they have even managed to reach remote locations like Aconcagua in South America, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Elbrus in Europe, and the base camp at Mount Everest in Asia, and a 360 degree view available for those breath taking locations. The maps option is another great benefit for realtors. Almost each and every business is regularly searched via Google maps & that is one symbol of user engagement across this updated platform.

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Bing Maps

Bing, the second big search engine also offers maps service. Claiming your listings over Bing is yet another way to mark your Local presence over the web. Bing offers options for getting directions while you are walking or driving. It also helps you to view traffic at a particular location once you are heading on an immediate appointment. The most important part for us is the facility to check for our desired keyword with location added to it. The pin button over Google is replaced by a blue round with numbers within based on the ranking over the results page, they correspond to.

bing maps

Yahoo Maps

Yahoo maps offer an advanced form of Bing maps. It plays a prominent role in helping users find local businesses including printout driving directions. The system is user-friendly, uncluttered and offers accurate results. Do you know that there is a huge fan-base for Yahoo & Bing (those who hate Google). Don’t you wish your business to be known to them as well? Yes. That is very important, since at the end of the day, all we need in huge amount of traffic and conversions through your website.

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MapQuest is another mapping service that helps you more with your local locations. Their MQ Vibe, which was launched back in 2011, incorporates social network offering a strong competition to Google Maps. MQ Vibe users have the facility to hover over their neighborhoods or individual business map-pins to get more information about a place, including its ranking. 

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Include locating your business over Google, Bing & Yahoo maps into your Local marketing services starting today.