Link Wheels could get your site great social signals

Link Wheel Social SignalWe have been offering social media link wheels for the past 2 years. With the use of unique content being published at the top web 2.0 sites, our link wheel strategy marked its effectiveness very well. Now with the importance of getting social media signals (references to your website from authority social media sites), our link wheel strategy has become indispensable

“When we hear the term link wheels, there would be a big question in our mind. Is this strategy Google safe? Not all the link wheels offered out there are safe. This term is also used to define the inorganic promotion to trick the search engines. This is where we differ. Our link wheel strategy is formulated based on the search engine algorithms, but not to trick them. Making use of the unique content, we publish something that is worth reading and in return you get the best social media signal through the reference” – From SIM Labs Team

There has been a minor update on the link wheel pattern so that the parent website gets the maximum web 2.0 signals. In addition to that, our clients now have the option to subscribe for the maintenance of the link wheels.