Link Wheel – The Content Marketing strategy of 2011

Content marketing has seen lots of changes after the Google panda update. While distributing articles to the article directories using spun versions seemed to the future of content marketing, Google made a checkmate with the network of article directories. Article directories in turn need unique articles on unique topics. However, the effectiveness of submitting articles to the article directories has not changed much. Being that said, considering the time spent to create unique content, it is better to look for options that can better utilize the content and gets almost twice the results as from the article directories This is where the link wheel comes into play. One of the greatest things about link wheel is that, the content is published in the social media sites that the search engine think are highly valuable. The only thing to keep in mind while creating a link wheel is to write unique and informative content. Here are some advantages of farming a link wheel with unique content rather than going for article submissions

  • A link wheel needs short blogging content of around 250-300 words
  • The content would be published in social media sites with links back to your website, which Google considers as social signals. Social signals are the #2 ranking factors of 2011
  • The link wheel structure would be both reader friendly and search engine friendly
  • No fear of getting your content published in content farms.
  • The option for your content to go viral by sharing options in social media

The bottom line is, if you want to get maximum benefits for the hard work in creating unique content, publish them as a link wheel