Lesson Of The Week: URL “Match Type” for Goals in Google analytics


Lesson Of The Week: URL “Match Type” for Goals in Google analytics

teaching Google AnalyticsTracking the success of any online promotion campaign is very much essential to optimize the campaigns for better conversions. Thanks to the conversion tracking feature available in Google analytics. This lesson is for those who have already setup conversion tracking in their websites and are setting up goals. We would discuss about the URL “match types” in detail.

When you select “URL destination” as a Goal type, the tracking would be triggered as soon as user reaches the page that you specify. The goal url would be generally a page that the user sees after completing an action such as registration, contact or an order. This option is pretty straight forward where you have to just enter the url of the goal page. One excellent feature of url goal tracking is the ability to track dynamic urls. This is where the “Match type” comes into play

There are 3 options:
Exact match – Use this when your goal page is static. This url will not change with each user and would remain the same for all events.
Head Match – This is the most useful option to track dynamic urls. This option would come in handy to track order completions and success pages generated randomly. For example, let’s consider that you have a couple of contact forms with dedicated message delivery success page. The success page urls are:
Now, all you have to do is enter /message_success as the goal url and choose head match. Analytics would track users who reach pages www.yourwebsite.com/message_success&[Dynamic Value here]

Regular expression match – This comes in handy when tracking goals in your own subdomains. Use this option to track urls that contain the words that you enter I any part of the url.

For example, enter /subsuccess in the goal url to track anything below

Keep these url factors in mind when designing the success pages so that you could effectively track them using Google analytics. We would be back next week with more information on setting up Goals.