Is Conventional SEO Dead?


Is it now time to wave a sad goodbye to the good old strategies of link building? The common thread of discussion across the internet seems to be that Google is hell bent on killing SEO. Could this be true? Can SEO ever be killed? 

SEO has certainly changed over the years!

When we started Submitinme, SEO was all about link building. All we had to do was to spin a few articles, submit your site to a few web directories, submit a few SEO press releases… and lo and behold, the client’s website ranks high on Google! And it was good until it lasted.

But as they say, evolution is Karma!

The game’s far more complicated today. A lot of variables that were considered outside the scope of core-SEO are now paramount to its success. Some of them include;

  • Social media signals are far more important than they were earlier.
  • On page SEO factors such as page speed, bounce rate, etc. have all become very important.
  • Content should have real value for readers.
  • On page and off page SEO aren’t independent of each other; rather, they complement each other.
  • Reputation and credibility matter a lot today. In fact, you can even push your products/services through your personal reputation.
  • Analytics has become more important than ever. There are a wide variety of tools to understand data. A web marketer’s challenge is to understand and use these tools for effective marketing.

Yes, traditional tools are in place, but today web marketing is more about promoting a brand rather than a product.

Coming back to our title question… Is SEO dead?

No, SEO per se isn’t dead. But it has certainly evolved. It has certainly taken a more polished and refined persona. At Submitinme, we prefer to call it INTEGRATED DIGITAL MARKETING.

Sounds very professional, isn’t it? To be able to survive in the web realm of today, you need have knowledge of a wide variety of tools, AND SEO HAPPENS TO BE JUST ONE OF THEM.

How have we adapted to these changes

Success always follows those who change with the times. What was best before need not be the best now. It is this mantra that has allowed Submitinme to survive and succeed. And now, as a part of our evolution process, we’ve now come up with a revamped business structure- one that is NOT ONLY in tune with the times, but AHEAD of it. As a part of this change, we’re RE-LAUNCHED OUR WEBSITE on “5-29-2013″.

How do you benefit?

The new revamped Submitinme is no longer about individual products or services. It is more about promoting a brand. We’ve also revamped our SEO packages to compile with all search engine guidelines and delivers maximum results. We may have got a new look and a clear voice, but our values remain the same. 



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