Infographic Marketing? We now have a perfect solution! [News Desk]

Infographic Marketing? We now have a perfect solution! [News Desk]

We have been offering infographic design and syndication services since June 2012. The proven effectiveness of infographics in getting ultimate brand awareness, natural backlinks and social signals has highly increased the demand for the strategy. Today, SubmitINme has taken few great steps ahead with exclusive infographic marketing. The research team has strengthened the infographic syndication part of the service so that all the infographics promoted through us goes viral and gets maximum visibility online.

Geno Thampi“Unless you are an infamous brand with a load of fans and followers, all your infographics need an initial push to go viral! Else it is just similar to winking at a girl in the dark”

– Geno Thampi, Strategic Director, SubmitINme

At many instances, we have highlighted the effectiveness of infographics in getting natural backlinks and social media signals. However, for small businesses and poorly recognized brands, utilizing this strategy is still a challenge just because of the fact that the infographic they create is not presented to the right audience. Let say, you design an infographic and then publish it in your blog, facebook page, pinterest business page and other social media sites. Unless you have a huge fanbase in all these sources, your infographic will not go viral. Hence, your infographic marketing strategy needs a great push. That’s what our new infographic marketing service is offering.

Vijay Ganesh“The main idea of designing a cool Infographic is to make your brand spread like a wildfire. It is us, who should ignite it, add fuel to it and spread it!”

– Vijay, Infographic Marketing Expert.

The solution for the lack of viral nature of the infographic is to publish it in the spots which already have a huge audience base. The concept is similar to guest blogging where you publish the blog posts in the most popular third-party blogs related to your niche. In the case of infographics marketing, the publication sources would be social media sites, infographic syndication sites, social content sites such as squidoo, niche oriented communities and much more. The specialty of our new strategy is that the infographics would be published under high authority guest accounts which already carry a huge audience base and high visibility in the search results.

Prateesh“With an infographic design tool, you are bound to its available themes. Infographic creation tools can never turn your imagination into a nice graphic.”

– Prateesh, Infographic Designer, SubmitINme.

The free infographic design tools such as piktochart out there are handy to create simple infographics. If you have the right topic that matches with the available themes in the tools, the infographic would go viral as well. However, these infographic creation tools cannot be used to design infographics based on any topic you imagine. You can only frame the topics based around the available themes. On the other hand, if a professional infographic designer does the job; they can make your imaginations turn into real graphics. Such cool ones would be a big hit. It’s those infographics that mark their presence in highly reputable sources such as the CNN and the industry giants.

“Let’s ignite the fire”

So, if you have an infographic ready to spread the word about your brand, gather natural links and social signals, our new infographic marketing service is the fire starter that you need. If you are looking for a turnkey infographic marketing solution where you get an infographic design, along with the promotion, we have that as well. If infographic marketing is a working trend, we would do it right for you!

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