Incredible digital marketing tools offered by Facebook


Digital marketing tools offered by FacebookFacebook has grown from just being a social tool that businesses can exploit. Today, its role in online advertising and publishing has drastically expanded. New tools introduced by Facebook for marketers are changing the very game. The social network isn’t just about dictating rules of online promotions but setting the very tome of it. Today, the majority of the online content is consumed through mobile devices. In the spring of 2015, Facebook introduced ‘Instant Articles’ that allowed publishers to design highly appealing mobile-first content that could be directly posted in the network. Similarly, live video streaming has been letting verified users / brands stream videos in real time. Considering the fact that Facebook’s video content has been earning a minimum of 4 billion daily views, this feature is more than a logical addition.
However, these are not the only tools that have been changing the way online marketing is done today.
Let’s look at 5 such Facebook features that every digital marketer can and should exploit.

1. Multi Product Ads

Traditionally, Facebook allowed advertisers to include images, headline, an ad/post text, a brief description and a display URL. Further, each of the ads attached a unique landing page. However, in 2015, the network introduced ‘Carousels’ that gave advertisers the ability to create multi-product ads. This allowed the marketer to display several products in a single ad – each rotating horizontally in the carousel. Each of these products now has its own title, a supporting image and a unique landing page. The overall advertise however shared the same brand description and the social buttons for liking, commenting and sharing. The multi product ads are perfect if you are looking to offer visitors several options of the same kind of product – be it in design, the price or complimenting products.

2. Featured videos

Facebook has long been pushing video content and on September 2014, the efforts ensured that Facebook videos earned more than 1 billion collective views. Today, marketers have the opportunity exploit the ‘Featured Video’ tool to reach a greater audience. This video will become a prominent part of the brand profile.

3. Video playlists

As hinted earlier, Facebook has been pushing video marketing a lot. Another tool in these lines is a video playlist that is aimed to engage users to view and share video content. Creating a playlist on Facebook is just like creating a playlist on YouTube. However, you need to make sure that each of the individuals is worth to be synced. After creating a video playlist, the display area will now have a section for playlists and another featuring all the videos.

4. Customized advanced remarketing

The ‘Custom Audience’ feature has been there for some time but Facebook now introduces an advanced feature that allows marketers customize the ‘remarketing audience’ further. Apart from the audience being taken to specific pages in your website, Facebook adds two new presets that create a list that brings back people after their first visit. The presets include “people visiting specific web pages but not others” and “people who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time”. This tool is an incredible feature for people who have shown interest in your products/services but haven’t yet bought them.

5. Facebook Instant Articles

Among the latest additions to Facebook marketing tools, ‘Instant Articles’ was initially rolled out for a small user group. The first brands to use the feature were The New York Times and BuzzFeed – the top publishers on Facebook. However, other players gradually adopted the tool and this included brands like Apple. Instant Article emphasizes the importance of mobile-first content wherein your links are optimized for the device it is being accessed from. Further, Instant Articles is also aimed at increasing user engagement with several interactive components like video summaries, parallax scrolling, pull quotes, etc.
These are just a few of the dozens of digital marketing tools that Facebook offers today. A successful digital marketer will never choose to ignore the opportunity that lies with social networks, especially with Facebook. Each of the features is further designed to be easy to use and marketers can expect returns in a very small amount of time. The returns with Facebook marketing have been overwhelming for anyone using it strategically.



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