How to Use “Disavow Links” Tool Effectively


Are you monitoring your site’s backlinks? 

What will you do if your competitor builds thousands of irrelevant or spammy links to your website?

You can make use of Google “Disavow Links tool to tell Google not to consider certain links that are spammy or artificial.

When to use Disavow tool?


If your site has considerable number of spammy or low-quality backlinks from irrelevant domain, you can use Disavow tool to disavow all the backlinks rather than picking individual backlinks.

Most of the SEOs were using a scalpel approach to remove individual backlinks, but now Matt Cutts recommends to use Machete approach i.e., to disavow an entire domain.

In his blog post, Matt Cutts has commented that, “One common issue we see with disavow requests is people going through with a fine-toothed comb when they really need to do something more like a machete on the bad backlinks

As Disavow tool is an advanced feature, it should be used with caution. Incorrect usage of Disavow tool can harm your website drastically.


Here a few suggestions on How to use “Disavow Links” tool:

  1. To download all the backlinks, you need to first login in to your Google webmaster’s account and click your site. On the dashboard, click traffic and then click links to your site. Once, you click links to your site you will find “click more” under the Who links the most option. Now, you can click download more sample links. When you click download latest links, you will also see dates.

  2. After collecting all the backlinks, you need to analyze the backlinks and segregate the bad links from the good ones. 

  3. If you feel the domain is relevant but content in the link is irrelevant then don’t disavow the entire domain just remove the individual backlink using the scalpel operator.

  4. To remove a single backlink, the standard format is http://websiteURL.aspx 

  5. If a large number of spammy backlinks are pointed to your site from a particular domain, then use the ‘domain:’ operator instead of the scalpel. For example, if you are having considerable number of spammy backlinks from a domain named as, you need to use the ‘domain:’ operator as domain: to tell Google not to consider the backlinks pointing to your site from this particular domain

  6. When sending links or domain to disavow, you must send the details in a .txt format. Don’t use other file formats such as CSC, doc, xls, docx.

  7. If you need to add comments, you should use ‘#’ before the comment. For example, #I contacted Google webmasters last week, but have not received any response until now.

  8. After collecting the bad backlinks or domain in the .txt format, go to the disavow links tool page. After accessing disavow links page, select your website and clikc disavow links and choose the .txt file which has the domain or bad backlinks details.

Remember, the reported bad backlinks will not be removed immediately. Usually, it takes around 45 days to disavow all the bad backlinks. We can help you get rid of the bad links



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