How do we plan a SEO package?

How do we plan a SEO package?

We get several inquiries for custom SEO package suggestions every day and our dedicated team of SEO analysts would prepare packages based on the requirement. Today, we got an interesting question from one of our clients

“How do we plan a SEO package? Is it based on the budget or the target audience or what else do you take into consideration?”

Budget is not the only deciding factor definitely. No matter the budget, our main focus is on several other factors including the target audience. An SEO package planning starts from the choice of the right target keywords. Alright, when you ask for a custom package, here is what we do:

  • Identify the niche and target audience of your website by analyzing your website
  • Once the target is identified, we make an extensive keyword research by considering many factors including number of searches, Global or local competition, trends and filters to find the best target keywords if the website is that of a local business
  • Once we have the keywords in place, the actual strategy planning would be started. Promotion spots would be chosen based on the audience available for the chosen keywords. For example, if your website is a medical information site, we would make use of spots such as social journals, document sharing sites etc
  • Strategies included within the SEO package is based on 3 key factors – The budget, duration of the promotion campaign and the available resources within your website itself.

Planning SEO packagesWhen planning an SEO package, we would be making maximum use of resources already available within the website. For example if you have a video in your website, we would implement video promotion so that you can take SEO advantage from the available resource. This keeps the costs low and helps us put up SEO packages with the best ROI. This is reflected in all readymade SEO package we have presented here as well.

If you are doing independent SEO planning, this pattern and consideration of factors would help a lot in putting up cost effective SEO campaigns.




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