Google’s App Engine Suffered Unexpected Outage

google app engine outage

It was really a tough day for developers who rely on the Google App Engine platform as service, since the app engine was down from approximately 7:30 until 11:30 a.m. PST on Friday, October 26, 2012. More than half the number of requests to App Engine applications got dropped and users had trouble connecting services and unusually slow response times. Google reported that the incident was due to a crash of the app engine its own and to recover this outage Google had to shut down traffic and the issue got solved gradually.

Meanwhile Google App engine was not the one affected by outages yesterday, and had Tumblr to accompany it. Tumblr’s problem was due to a cut on one of its fiber cable lines and the backup plans were implemented in the wrong way leaving customers no access to their blogs for a while. Access issues and problems were also reported at Dropbox, YouTube and Instagram.

Google investigated the issue and detected that the issue was due to increase in traffic which lead to a cascading failure of the entire App Engine routing platform. 

Google apologizes and corrects

Google apologized for its failure in providing competent service to its customers in its blog and listed the following steps added to their agenda from now on:

  • We have increased our traffic routing capacity and adjusted our configuration to reduce the possibility of another cascading failure.
  • Multiple projects have been in progress to allow us to further scale our traffic routers, reducing the likelihood of cascading failures in the future.
  • We will proactively issue credits to all paid applications for ten percent of their usage for the month of October to cover any SLA violations.

Google noted that during this outage no application data was lost and application behavior was restored without any manual intervention by developers, nor there was any need to make any code or configuration changes to your applications.



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