Google Updates Handwrite for Easy Use

Google’s Handwrite feature – beta version released last year, definitely a boon to the search community, where at least 75% of them applauded the launch. Below are some of the notable comments by users following the app release:

  • “I can talk faster than I can type and a lot faster than I can handwrite. I would rather let Siri deal with my queries or use dictation than hand write my searches…”
  • “It wouldn’t be useless because it fulfills the intended purpose of being able to search the Internet by drawing letters. To be useless, it would have to not work. Pointless? – possibly.”

Google might have received complaints and should have been receiving lots of requests to deal with the pitfalls it had committed while developing this handwrite tool. As a result, the tech giant decided to update the much useful tool which helps you write over your mobile.

The upgrade has made the tool more efficient in understand overlapping characters & made efficient to make your own choice among the drop-down, providing you with alternatives to the query you have written. Google explains clearly the cause of  misinterpretation when typing letters like capital ‘L’, small ‘l’, OR number ‘1’.

You are even credited with the overlapping option, as below, where your query is understood fine by the tool for specific letters like – “q”, “u”, “i”, “c”, “h”, and “e”.

google handwrite update

"The overwritten format"

Writing Chinese using handwrite tool was a real challenge before, since you only have the option of a single letter input. Now that’s not the case. You can now type-in more tham one letter at a time, aiding easy search & limited time arriving at the desired result.

google handwrite update chineseWe have the updated version of Handwrite tool still in the beta form. Guess Google removes the beta tag and makes the app perfect and trouble free, very soon.