Google Search Returns Gmail, Drive And Calendar Results

Google Search Returns Gmail, Drive And Calendar Results

Join the field test run by Google to get personalized search results!

Google merges personalized and public results, only as a trial for now. Google had already launched a limited version of the field trial last August – ‘a new search method’ , letting users to integrate their Gmail and Drive with search in Gmail so that files, emails, and documents that are relevant to the search term appear in the search results as they type. 

Google personalized search


It’s definitely a tedious job to dig into your Gmail to search for one mail related to your query. Now, that’s no more a problem and you could easily retrieve information buried within mails with the help of this personalized search.

Email results in google search

Email search results in google

Flight tracking facility using information available in your Gmail, as you type “My Flight” – returning results including flight information such as number, time, and seat number.

Flight reservations in google results

Once you log-in to your Gmail, and search in, results that return will include information available in your Calendar, Drive (spreadsheets and Docs), Gmail and plus files, related to your search term. Right now, accessibility of this enhanced feature via mobile is not announced. Once the trial phase gets a nod from users, Google might move on to mobile access.

Drive - Google search results

Drive results in google search

What you got to do to run the trial?

Pay a visit to the updated free trial page and select “Join the field trial”. Again, this trial is run only in English and also only for ‘’ addresses and not for Google Apps accounts.

Google says… 

Google Engineers feel this new step has so far satisfied their users and shares thus –

                “We’ve gotten very positive feedback from those of you testing it out — such as this note: “The Gmail results feature is awesome! The fact that it’s all integrated into one screen is huge.” Many testers have requested being able to find Drive files as well — as one of you put it, “It would be awesome if I could search my google drive from google search as well :)”


Google aims at improving user experience and should this initiative never get polluted with ads a while after, as we see in our normal search. Google also noted that their Gmail index is bigger than that of its Web storage. The tech giant should have huge plans behind this trial launch.

But what I feel is, this new effort by Google is definitely not going to put every user at ease since merging public with private is always a hot topic of debate and might bring them to the edge. This leads to privacy problems, when the user works on a shared computer. But I do remember what Google mentioned of a lock option, back in August when they came with this idea – “A globe icon” to hide results and “a human silhouette icon” to restore the results.

Do you need personalized search options or you feel everything is fine as it is? Share your thoughts.