Google Panda Birthday Calendar – Sad we missed the first B’day

Google Panda Birthday Calendar – Sad we missed the first B’day

Last year, around this time, SEO companies were left clueless one what to do with the conventional content marketing challenges. It can be said that Google panda update is the hardest challenge that the SEO experts have ever faced. SubmitINme’s SEO research team took the challenge and redefined the conventional content marketing strategies based on the guidelines of the panda update. We really thank Google Panda for taking our services to the next level with guaranteed effectiveness than ever before. Here is a brief about the SEO services that have been revolutionarily changed by SubmitINme after the panda update:

  1. An exclusive SEO package for Google Panda attacked sites
  2. Conventional Article Submission to Assured Article Links
  3. Conventional Press Release to Advanced Squeeze PR
  4. New formulation of the social media link wheel
  5. Enhanced the squidoo lens promotion strategy
  6. Opened doors to the most wanted on page SEO services. The panda update deemed huge importance to the page speed, HTML schema and several onsite SEO factors. Submitinme launched turnkey on site SEO packages helping clients to rank their website complying with all major search engine guidelines.

As you see, Panda update has brought revolutionary changes in SEO strategies. In fact we are very sad that we didn’t remember its first b’day on Feb 24th 2012. Anyways belated wishes from SubmitINme “Google Panda”. You are the one who made real SEO experts prove themselves with the rest fall.

We are marking our calendar of events with the b’days of different panda versions so that we would never miss:

Google Panda Ver 1.0 – February 24th 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.1 – May 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.2 – June 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.3 – July 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.4 August 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.5 – September 28th 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.5.1 – October 9th 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.5.2 – October 13th 2011
Google Panda Ver 2.5.3 – October 19/20th 2011