Search Results Now Links to Competitor Sites Search Results Now Links to Competitor Sites

Google is finally free from the “antitrust” case filed by the European Commission once it agreed to settle for a deal which extends for the next five years. In the coming days internet users located in Europe will be able to see Google search results displaying/leading to its competitor’s sites. How heartening for Microsoft & Bing! But we have to wait to see the show come live. Have a look into more details about this deal below:

The European Press reported that Google will be abiding the following rules for its results displayed via for the next 5 years:

“ – label promoted links to its own specialised search services so that users can distinguish them from natural web search results,

– clearly separate these promoted links from other web search results by clear graphical features (such as a frame), and

– display links to three rival specialised search services close to its own services, in a place that is clearly visible to users;

– offer all websites the option to opt-out from the use of all their content in Google’s specialised search services, while ensuring that any opt-out does not unduly affect the ranking of those web sites in Google’s general web search results,

– offer all specialised search web sites that focus on product search or local search the option to mark certain categories of information in such a way that such information is not indexed or used by Google,

– provide newspaper publishers with a mechanism allowing them to control on a web page per web page basis the display of their content in Google News,

– no longer include in its agreements with publishers any written or unwritten obligations that would require them to source online search advertisements exclusively from Google, and

– no longer impose obligations that would prevent advertisers from managing search advertising campaigns across competing advertising platforms.”

The New York Times reported, “A major element of Google’s offer to settle the case is to show links to the Web sites of competitors who offer specialized search services. In cases where Google sells advertising next to results for specific industries like restaurants and hotels, Google would provide a menu of at least three options for non-Google search services.”

Ars Technica’s comment on this new deal is as follows:

The commission is submitting Google’s new business style for feedback by creating a month-long market test, and it states that “complainants, third parties, and members of the public” will be able to comment on it. If Google’s changes meet all of the commission’s concerns, the commission said it will make them legally binding for Google.”

Here is how the Google results will get displayed for each platform, where Site 1, Site 2 & Site 3 refers to competitor sites. Simply saying, Google has a teeny bit lesser opportunity to showcase their very own webpages for a particular key search term.

Google Europe Search Results:

google europe SHOPPING search results

Google Images Europe:

google images europe

Google Maps Europe:

google maps europe

News Results Europe:

News Results Europe

Search Results Europe Mobile:

Search Results Europe MOBILE

Do you think that this should be applied through out the world?

I wish for that, since all best results furnished in one single search result page is the one best thing every online user craves for.