Gathering Google Plus Fans – Are your circles empty?

Gathering Google Plus Fans – Are your circles empty?

Google Plus One FamsWhile we were thinking, Google plus would be forgotten very soon as the facebook timeline seems to have worked great, this has been a week of Google plus enquiries. We have got several inquiries regarding our Google plus promotion service and there was this interesting question: “I keep on posting updates to the stream but I haven’t got even a single person +1 the page and join the circles. So how does your (SubmitINme’s) Google plus service going to help me?” Our Google plus service does the same thing. We research, write and post interesting updates to the page stream. So how is this going to help the client? Read on..

Just posting the updates and nothing else is not going to get you anywhere
We like to be open with our clients. Just posting interesting updates to the Google plus stream will not get a flow if fans to the page. In fact it is just akin to winking at a girl in dark. You have to implement strategies where your Google plus page gets noticed by the public. There are several ways to do it.

SEO Mashup
Social media marketing can help a lot in SEO and vice versa. Include links to your Google plus page in all your SEO campaigns through meaningful anchor texts. For example, if you are doing article marketing, including a link back to your Google plus page from the resource box. Social bookmark your Google plus business page so that it would be found in search results. Basically, include the Google plus business page url in all your SEO campaigns.

Have authority in facebook and twitter?
If your business has good authority in facebook or twitter, share information about your Google + business page in them. This would direct the existing fans to the Google plus page as well.

Include the Google plus page url in your newsletters, email campaigns, brochures, catalogues etc.

How does our service (stream posts) help then?

All the above mentioned strategies are to bring people (traffic) to your Google plus business page. It is a freewill of the visitor whether to +1 your page or not. This is where the interesting, well research wall posts come into play. No one wants to join a blank or not updated Google plus page. If the Google plus page is active you can convert all the traffic into loyal fans. This is how our service helps as well.



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