eCommerce Marketing package gets a major revamp – Now it’s Christmas Ready

eCommerce Marketing  package gets a major revamp – Now it’s Christmas Ready

eCommerce Marketing For Christmas“Merry Christmas!!!” We know it ain’t Christmas for another two months. But the Xmas wish was not for everyone out there. This wish was for those who own eCommerce who have started prepping their websites for the big season sales. Online Christmas shopping would start by the mid of November and so hardly 50 days are left to promote eCommerce stores to gain visibility in the search results and social media. We have been hardly working on the eCommerce package for this Christmas season by considering many factors which includes the Google algorithm updates as well. Remember last year when our research team presented you with an exclusive eCommerce SEO package which came with proven effectiveness in increasing traffic and sales to your eCommerce store? For this year, we took the old strategy, subjected it to extensive testing and reformulated it and made it better than ever before. We have made sure that the new eCommerce SEO package is not just for quick promotion to bag all the Christmas sales, but to offer extensive solid SEO that would have consistent results for months to come.

Instead of a quick shot SEO, this perfect strategy starts with analysis and optimization of the pre-requisites of effective SEO. For example, the onpage SEO factors of the eCommerce store would be analyzed and optimized before the regular continuous promotion is applied. The optimized onpage SEO would form a perfect basement upon which we can build effective marketing. As said, optimization of these factors makes sure that the results obtained are sustained even after this holiday season. The perfectly framed eCommerce marketing plan consists of two phases. An initial phase takes care of the onpage analysis and optimization along with all the necessary promotion and tracking setups. The second phase includes continuous, exclusive SEO and social media marketing of the eCommerce store for 3 months. The SEO and social media strategies are handpicked, which are exclusively meant for promoting eCommerce stores. All the strategies used within this eCommerce marketing package are made sure that they are compliant with the Google panda and penguin updates.

With all bells and whistles, the all new eCommerce SEO package is now “Christmas Ready”



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