Document Sharing – Ready Boost for Articles, Ebooks and Documents


Document Sharing – Ready Boost for Articles, Ebooks and Documents

Remembrance of a meeting held before One Year

In a meeting Geno suggested that we can start a new service called Document Sharing. Suddenly Stalin asks, “Does it have any SEO benefit”? This will be the question in most of the SEO professionals’ minds. I remember Geno’s words that document sharing will be greatly effective and we can give a try by sharing our old articles, press releases and ebooks. Geno trusted that sharing these documents in the social document sharing sites will boost up the views of all these content.

Now Amarnath comes up with a great question. “Which document format will be the best for document sharing”. “Well, we can share MS Word, PDF and Power point but I’d say MS word format will be the best because of the fact that embedding links in the document will be easy and word documents (in document sharing) are easily crawled by Google” says Geno We can include hyperlinks for the keywords in the content. Moreover during profile setup we can add our website logo and url which will be visible public.
Finally we bring this idea to our CEO Guna. He agrees for this new service and agrees to test the benefits of this service for our own documents. So we distributed our documents for the portal for scrap trade –
Seeing the Present Results
Last week we have analyzed our previous documents that we have shared before for testing. After viewing the result I am surprised as most of our documents got more than 1500 views within 6 months. Really this Document sharing service is working fine
The following Image show the statistics



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