DMOZ submission scam


DMOZThe Importance of DMOZ submission
DMOZ is the first place where you want to submit your site as soon as it is launched 100%. Getting a DMOZ listing pays you for life time. DMOZ listing is a duck which lays golden eggs forever. Search giant Google in its policies say that “Google will index your site irrespective of the robots.txt if it is listed in DMOZ. Also Google gets the alternate title description from DMOZ. We continue to get targeted traffic from DMOZ from the day we got the DMOZ listing. It is been 7 years now, while we do not get the massive traffic from DMOZ as in the early years, we still get a decent amount of visitors from DMOZ

DMOZ Submission SCAM
A day before I had an inquiry on SEO Reseller Service. While discussing on the various SEO services the client asked if we do DMOZ submission,. I said that DMOZ submission is the first step in our Directory submission process. Then he went on to discuss the rates for DMOZ submission for which I answered that it comes along with any directory submission package with no extra cost. For e.g. If you order a 100 directory submission package for $12 (Outsourcing rate) you get the DMOZ submission which is included in all the directory submission packages at NO EXTRA COST. He was totally surprised and said he paid a SEO Company $29 for DMOZ submission until recently and then found another service provider who did the submission for $17.

Do they get you a DMOZ listing?
I enquired further if the companies guarantee DMOZ listing for which the answer was a “NO”. I had to explain him in detail on the directory submission process to DMOZ and its guidelines. DMOZ like any other directory requires you to find the right category / subcategory / inner category to do the submission. DMOZ submission certainly needs extra care and a little extra time to drill through the categories until you find the suitable match. But why do companies charge $$ for a job which may take a 15 minutes maximum time? They blatantly rip off clients making use of their ignorance and creating an impact that DMOZ submissions are next to rocket science. I was shocked to see a company which offered DMOZ basic submission, DMOZ advanced submission and their cost was $69 for the advanced plan. Can you tell us Sir, what is a basic submission? Will you not submit to the right category or won’t you bother to fill in details?



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